• Superb! - _zenn
  • And I even resisted the urge to cut them to "correct" shape! :D
  • Love it : D - Becheman
  • The way this all fits together is amazing - Becheman
  • Seconded. - RG&B
  • Would be even better and perfectly seamless if only headlight bricks I got weren't made so wrong... Seriously, those parts are a total mess and a technically legal construction results with huge gaps and holes :/
  • Friction? - Phall Macaroni
  • Not really, just a 1x1 corner... panel? fence? Entirely legal, anyway.
  • I see it now, thanks for explaining, that is just so awesome Jerac. - Phall Macaroni
  • gaps are awesome! - zane_houston

Land Raider

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See it in action on YouTube.

The biggest, heaviest, most badass Power Functions - powered vehicle I have ever built. During the development this little beastie managed to grind through no less than sixteen gears, hence the nickname "The Gear Grinder".

All turrets are rotated in both X and Y axises, with each function controlled by a single M-motor. This gives it a nice average of 1 motors per 3 functions, if not counting the drive system... which needs four XL motors to drive.

Altough it was planned to have speed-increasing gearing, in the end I settled on 1:1 to give it a little more power, required to push chairs, roll over Ork bars and so on.

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  1. Ironsniper 26 months ago | reply


    This is unreal, it honestly doesn't look like Lego. Man, the SNOT work is fantastic too. Just woow

  2. {TCC} 26 months ago | reply

    So much THIS.

  3. Shannon Ocean 25 months ago | reply

    Through the ROOF!

  4. Special Ninja 25 months ago | reply

    This is beyond fantastic!

  5. Silent Commander 25 months ago | reply

    I wouldn't want to see one of those coming at me

  6. mediocre 25 months ago | reply

    This is sublime!

  7. Benny Brickster 25 months ago | reply

    too much for one mind to handle *mindsplosion*

  8. Becheman 23 months ago | reply

    Why isn't this on Cuusoo yet???

  9. Jerac 23 months ago | reply

    What is the point?

    Warhammer is bloody and *VERY* violent. There is no single good faction there, Space Marines are bloody religious fanatics of the worst kind, though that is still the best humanity has to offer. Every other race is even worse, with sole expcetion of Orks, probably.

    Then, it is very heavily licensed.

    ThenTwo, Warhammer fans generally don't like Lego by default as it is considered to be just a simple, useless for "pros" toy.

  10. Becheman 23 months ago | reply

    Excellent points, although there are a few GW models up already and there *must* be 10,000 people out there who would want this regardless of their views on Lego or 40k : P

  11. Bricklegend [deleted] 22 months ago | reply

    I know I don't usually comment on things older than 2 weeks, but this is just amazing. Probably one of the best lego creations I have seen. Well done!

  12. terrimeyers123 17 months ago | reply

    Hey, Jerac, did you ever consider joining MOCPages? They would love to have you there.

  13. Jerac 17 months ago | reply

    I have an account there but the website is So. Goddamned. Slow!...

    It takes literally 10-15 minutes to add a MOC. Waste of my time...

  14. F@bz 16 months ago | reply

    Une tuerie ce MOC , vraiment NI-KEL!!!

  15. LegoMarat 12 months ago | reply

    Saw it sometime ago, but this is jaw-dropping!

  16. sioka sculpting 6 months ago | reply

    This is so accurate that when I was browsing your photostream thumbs I only realised it was Lego when there were wip shots! A truly remarkable build.

  17. Imagine™ 4 months ago | reply

    Oh my…. crazy good stuff! :D

  18. J B Anderson 4 months ago | reply

    Incredible!!! Just to get it looking so good is amazing, but to have all of the movement functions as well... speechless...

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