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    M's reading nook. The room was already painted blue and had a chalkboard stripe (as you see). My husband did not want to paint over the stripe, so I just went for it anyway. The tree is cheap, brown tissue paper glued to the wall using Elmer's school glue. The shelves are melamine from Ikea. I sprayed them brown using Krylon plastic paint. The leaves are cut from a Junie B. Jones book. The cocoon is from Ikea as well. :) She really enjoys this little hideaway.

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    1. jenwcom 28 months ago | reply

      Thanks, K_Cam!

    2. jcipollina 28 months ago | reply

      can you tell me the name of the shelves...I think melamine is what they are made out of. I did a search on the Ikea website and 246 pages came up. thanks

    3. tejsmomma 27 months ago | reply

      I looked on Ikea's site and cannot find the reading nook. I love this idea. Do you have a link to the reading nook? Thanks for posting this!

    4. karcnr 27 months ago | reply

      I love your reading nook. I just made a much simplier one in my son's closet. We have that same cocoon hanging seat from Ikea but have not yet put it up. My husband doesn't think the beams in the ceiling are wide enough for the ekorre hooks it came with. How did you hang yours? Can you show a pic of the ceiling?
      Christa at controllingcraziness.blogspot.com/

    5. we3morris 27 months ago | reply

      Its all about that seat/swing/cocoon! I can't find it on their website, but my early reader would LOVE to read in a special nook like that! I'm pinning this picture to my Pinterest page, hoping you'll post a link!

    6. jenwcom 27 months ago | reply

      tejsmomma - Apparently the sling/cocoon is no longer available from Ikea. We bought it in the Atlanta store in 2010.

      karcnr - i asked my husband about the hooks. He said he didn't buy anything extra, just used the hooks and screws that came with it, but made sure to screw it into the beam. My daughter has hung upside down on it, it's had a couple of kids on it at a time, my husband even sat on it and it hasn't moved.

      we3morris - I'm sorry! I've looked everywhere for the link to the seat/swing/cocoon and can't find it. At this point, I wish I'd bought them all. :)

      If I see the seat next time I'm at Ikea, I will totally buy a few and sell them to you all at cost! Good luck in your search and thank you for pinning!

    7. jenwcom 27 months ago | reply

      Fantastic! You just made a lot of people happy!

    8. Brolly03 27 months ago | reply

      Do you think my 2 yr old and 5 yr old can get in and out of this? So cute!

    9. jenwcom 27 months ago | reply

      My nieces and nephews have all gotten in it. You could probably lower the swing so that it's closer to the ground. It moves so sometimes the little ones need help getting up. My niece just turned two and she loves it. As with most things that move, I wouldn't leave them in it without supervision of some sort.

    10. auntninny 27 months ago | reply

      As for the tree, how would you remove it when the time comes?

    11. jenwcom 27 months ago | reply

      Since I used Elmer's glue, it literally just peels off. The tough spots can be wet down and peeled off. The even tougher spots can be sanded off before painting. This room has been painted 3-4 times in the past 11 years. You can see raised paint from the mural I painted when my daughter was a baby, and I'm sure when I decide to repaint, the chalkboard paint will be impossible to recover. Those things don't bother me. But definitely something to think about before you start.

    12. jenwcom 27 months ago | reply

      And I love that you are Aunt Ninny. That's why my niece calls me. :)

    13. Rauch Designs 20 months ago | reply

      i'm so glad to find where this photo actually came from I found on pinterest but didn't link to here. It inspired the reading nook I created in my girls room and it is their favorite place. Everyone who comes over and sees their room just thinks its the coolest thing. Wish i had known how the tree was done before, I totally thought it was hand painted and wasn't going to tackle that, what a great idea. Thanks! pinterest.com/pin/68961438013906063/

    14. jenwcom 20 months ago | reply

      I'd love to see a pic of your girl's reading nook. So glad this one inspired you. Wish everyone who pinned linked back here so I could answer questions. Thank you so much for your comment!

    15. jenwcom 18 months ago | reply

      Your room is gorgeous! I LOVE it. I can't show my daughter, she'll be jealous. Ha. I hope your girls love it. I sure do.

    16. keelamonster 15 months ago | reply

      I LOVE this so very much. Where did you get the seat?

    17. keelamonster 15 months ago | reply

      Oh, duh, you said in your description it's also from Ikea.

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