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    I just finished teaching my last IMS 201 class of the semester. I really adored my students, and it was a great class. Next up: help them finish their Wordpress websites, grading, and submitting their final grades. Then it's on to teaching again next semester! I enjoy the class a lot, and hopefully next semester it won't take up as much time – I will just be making small tweaks to this semester's lesson plans (assuming the course evaluations don't indicate major problems).

    1. Dimormar! 41 months ago | reply

      Only iMac ...... nice. :o))

    2. JenWaller 41 months ago | reply

      For the students who use Windows (a very small percent), they'll boot up in either Windows or Mac!

    3. pollyalida 40 months ago | reply

      What kind of sites did they create with WordPress? I know we talked about it ages ago, but I've forgotten!

    4. JenWaller 40 months ago | reply

      How have I missed your comment for FIVE days?!?

      They used WP as a blogging platform all semester. They then had to create a 5-page (included their blog, so really 4-new pages) web site about nearly anything they wanted (no bars, nothing illegal, they couldn't do it for an existing company). Most of them created a portfolio site or a site about their travels. One person created a site about how to build a huge (25-feet, maybe) snowman! It worked out well, and I'll be doing the same assignment this semester.

    5. pollyalida 40 months ago | reply

      Sounds like a fun assignment. Love the 25 foot snowman!

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