Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan

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    Turnip Rock and Kai standing on the "thumbnail" in Michigan's thumb area. Unfortunately, this area is privately owned so Kai and I skied to it from the harbor at Port Austin (about 2.25 miles away) on Lake Huron. We then skied out to the Port Austin Lighthouse which sits out in the middle of the bay on a shallow shoal (about 2.5 miles from the shores of Port Austin). We saw all sorts of interesting ice formations along the way and had a great time on a cold and blustery day. More photos here:

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    1. Ron Layters 75 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot

    2. Eye See 360 74 months ago | reply

      Wow! Visited Port Austin and Point Aux Barque frequently, only once in winter - 1980. This is beautiful

      (I may be living your dream on Lake Superior... if you like blizzards! Thank you for your comment)

    3. Sampa beautifulworld 74 months ago | reply

      what awonderful view............unforgettable photography.............

    4. digital viking 74 months ago | reply

      Really nice shot, didn't know this place existed.

    5. surfwax 74 months ago | reply

      what an amazing sight

    6. timmerschester 74 months ago | reply

      Such a beautiful winter shot of Turnip Rock! I have visited there often and took photos in the fall. I have always wanted to shot photos there in winter! Wow!

    7. joseph martinez 74 months ago | reply

      oh my gosh i go there every summer and my cousin and i are always liek lets go to that big rock! i love this picture

    8. nwpuzzlr 65 months ago | reply

      How hard is it to get on top? (bolt route?)

    9. timmerschester 65 months ago | reply

      Standing on the thumbnail is a very risky job! Most of the times it is very windy there. It's very easy to loose balance and fly over the edge onto rocks(ouch) and into bumpy, rocky, Lake Huron. Not a good idea.

    10. jensenl 65 months ago | reply

      Not hard to get on top, there's a spot where the cliffs have collapsed and you can just climb up the rocks. I never worried about being blown off by wind but it is a little unnerving since it could come crashing down at any time (at least you imagine it could).

    11. jensenl 65 months ago | reply

      And if you mean on top of Turnip Rock, I have no idea, it is inverted on all sides and the rock is a bit crumbly (the bottom is actually reinforced with concrete or it probably would have fallen into the lake by now). Also, it's probably only about 20 feet tall.

    12. timmerschester 65 months ago | reply

      No, you really can't climb on turnip rock.....glad people can't . Better that it's kept pristine and not damaged. The community there, where the rock formation is located, is "gated and private". Also the area is a National Lakeshore. This helps to protect this beautiful formation( besides the cemented base). There is another formation near Magraw Park, that used to look like Turnip. Over the years it fell from wave action etc. It's name is Loosemore Rock. It still looks interesting but people have graffitied all over it.

    13. farlane 64 months ago | reply

      Hey Lars - I'm featuring your Thumb trip report and this photo today on Michigan in Pictures.

      Hope you had a great New Year!

    14. TCheri 51 months ago | reply

      It looks glorious in the winter!

      We were fortunate enough to run into someone who lived in the area and was willing to give us a private tour of the area - what a grand experience!

    15. danielle kiemel 46 months ago | reply

      WOW, this is absolutely incredible!

    16. R-Joy's Photos 41 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot! The figure provides a great contrast.

    17. tjfries 36 months ago | reply

      Yes - the figure completes the shot. Otherwordly! Love it.

    18. schwind651 16 months ago | reply

      How was this area allowed to be privately owned ? Thanks to our government for letting this become private ! As a lifelong Michigander , this upsets me and it is wrong for ANYONE to withhold a natural wonder for themselves . Hopefully as one of these locals leave this earth , they will also leave their property to the state as an access point.

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