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    Last one from my short early morning photo session last weekend.
    Other pictures here , here, here. and here..

    This is a panorama stiched from two images, where each of them was blended from three different exposures. Quite a lot of work and a bit difficult to get right.
    Best enjoyed wide.

    This is taken facing south, while the sun is just rising over a rigde to the east.
    The first sunlight came creeping parallell to the mountain slope. For a short period the light was just amazing. The photos can hardly do justice to this magic moment.

    On top of everything, it was surprisingly warm, considering that this is in the Norwegian mountains in the beginning of May. The sudden heat of this last week made it feel like we went directly from winter to summer with no spring, and the snow in the mountains was melting away extremely fast.
    (For the record: As I am uploading this we are back to normal weather: cold and windy and occasionally wet).
    I was here three weeks prior to this, at easter, and then we went skiing across these fields. The snow was still deep everywhere, and it even snowed a few times.
    All this snow was now more or less gone, and as can be seen from this photo, the open south-facing slopes are now almost free from snow . The snow remain higher up in the mountains and in the slopes not directly facing the sun, but is is disappearing fast with every new sunny day. All this snow turning into water means that rivers and streams are overflowing and there are running water everywhere.

    Another amazing thing (to me) about this photo is the fact that I managed to get out of bed ridiculously early (between five and six) without an alarm clock, with the single purpose of taking these shots. Really goes to show that I am starting to take this photography thing seriously. Though I must admit that I went back to bed afterwards to catch an hour or so more of sleep.

    These images are created from exposure bracketed shots. For some parts of the images I used Photomatix to merge the bracketed shots, but most of the blending of the different exposures was done manually. The panorama stiching in this one was done using Panorama Factory.

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    1. vortistic [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

      Imponerende foto!

    2. Gene Anston 96 months ago | reply

      This is absolutely incredible. Can I have a wallpaper or a print???

    3. Kevin Day 96 months ago | reply

      Really excellent work. A lot of effort that has paid off with a delightfull result

    4. Le Hibou 96 months ago | reply

      Impressive work

    5. LucaPicciau 95 months ago | reply

      Incredible scenery!!!

    6. Peter Hauri 95 months ago | reply

      peotry in photography...breathtaking

    7. rena_sepulveda [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      muy buena fotoo...
      los colores, el diñeno todoo

      good picture

    8. particle-wave 94 months ago | reply

      The scene reminds me of this area of Nepal. I realize that they are, generally speaking, totally different climates, building construction methods and such, but it brought it to mind.

    9. Jerry Zhao 93 months ago | reply

      Outstanding !!!!!!!!!

    10. Leviathor 91 months ago | reply

      Wow, gorgeous!!

      You are invited to post this image to Spectacular Objects - Invite Only.

      Found in a search. (?)

    11. maccanti 85 months ago | reply

      I´ve been watching all your photos and I can tell you, they are all amazing. so inspiring

    12. Orange Park Gal 81 months ago | reply

      Incredible. I love ALL of your pictures. They are amazing. Thank you

    13. Lasse Bolstad 80 months ago | reply

      Fantastic series of pics from your old seter (well, your entire portfolio indeed!)! You master the skills of hdr well without tipping over to the cartoon-side of the technique.

      We are lucky you got up early this morning to capture this beautiful scene - looking forward to more inspiration from you, Jens.

    14. giacomos50at 75 months ago | reply

      really a great place to stay

    15. Tomas R. Krognes 70 months ago | reply

      Great picture, Jens. I love the original size, beautiful colors and sharp details.

    16. CFBSr 67 months ago | reply

      Excellent, great combination of hdr and panorama.
      I'm an admin for a group called Panorama Factory (PFactory), and we'd love to have you join and add this and any other of your PFactory stitched images to the group!

    17. H o g n e 67 months ago | reply

      Et uvanlig flott panorama med farger som er bortimot overjordiske. Denne plassen ligger jo helt fantastisk til og badet i det lyset blir det usedvanlig vakkert.

    18. ★VegaChastain★ 64 months ago | reply

      WOW. Wouldn't mind living there except I'll bet it's COLDDddddd...

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