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Finally! Breakfast at Austin's Magnolia Cafe | by Jen's Photography
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Finally! Breakfast at Austin's Magnolia Cafe

I am a Diner freak. I love Diner's. I love their informality. I love their retro decor. I love the simplicity of their food. I love their friendly staff.


As soon as I first drove past The Magnolia Cafe on South Congress I knew I would be eating there someday. I had no idea that it was a legendary Diner, but of course, that factor's in the most fun way!


I have officially lived in Austin for 10 1/2 months and I still hadn't eaten here. This morning, however was set up to go see the bats fly back under the Congress Bridge. I haven't yet seen their flight, either. (I missed Eeyore's Birthday in March too, what's wrong with me?!!) SO I drove down to the bridge while it was still dark this morning (6 something) and there are a series of police cars and flares and bride tape... My luck... Something going on, the bridge was closed... Poo!


I got 2 missed calls and then a message from a mysterious Florida area code and then got some great catch up time with a loving old friend of mine from Gulfport Florida. I sat in the coolish morning air on the back of my car, bare feet dangling looking at the sun rise over the Capitol while we caught up... It seems most of the people I knew at the Church we went to from the old days had passed... Sad, sad news...


My stomach was beginning to growl so it was time to say goodbye to Barbara and head up to the Magnolia Cafe for breakfast! Would the parking lot be over flowing as usual? Nope! Great timing. Took out my camera and started snapping away...


It's just charming inside, and the staff couldn't be sweeter. They okay-ed my picture taking (obsession). :)


The coffee is STRONG, but it was still great to have Diner coffee once again. Diner's usually accommodate me real well because I don't eat a lot of food groups, they did as well. I created my breakfast (it was not on their menu): a stack of corn chips, 2 over medium fried eggs on top, sliced sausage and tomatoes. Yum! (Had the whole plate been torched in a broiler with a drizzle of sesame oil poured on top it would have been all the way out there!!!) ;P


A man soon came into the Diner, sitting alone, in the next booth facing me. After a little while he starts telling our waiter a story about some lights? I had to ease drop and he was more than happy enough to raise his voice to include me in to the story telling! I guess it happened last night but for 5-10 minutes over the western sky (near the lake?) there was some kind of crazy light show going on and lots of people saw it, I think someone on a radio station saw it too. No one knows what the lights were and I think the lights turned on and off. Neato! Fab to be privy to such a fun incident!!!


Then, on my way out, the friendly hostess who had greeted me chatted with me a bit. I told her how long I had been trying to get in there to eat. Then I told her the thing that pushed me into getting there today was Lyle Lovett! She had no idea what I was talking about! I explained that he had been telling one of his neat stories during his recent ACL Concert, I think it was about a Diner up in Indiana, but then said something like it can't compare with The Magnolia Cafe!* I guess she hadn't heard it and I was real happy to pass the story along.* :)


Magnolia Cafe South

1920 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX

(512) 445-0000 ‎ ·

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Taken on September 23, 2012