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Absinthe at Austin's Péché | by Jen's Photography
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Absinthe at Austin's Péché

Don't ask me what got in to me head but I had to try absinthe this weekend. It is so great to live in a city that has absinthe bars. There are lots of them here. It was the photograph for this bar that had me sold, they used beautiful accessories... (And they let me take pictures!*) I went online and found: and stayed up way too late reading all about this mystical drink.


I wore my "Tinkerbell" earrings that my sister bought for me years ago and had Mark shoot a picture of them, she's in that shot...


Our Bartender suggested St. George Absinthe. It was a great first experience. It was better for me with more sugar. And it was beige so I had to add green tinting... ;P


From the Absinthe Society: "The botanical oils from the anise and fennel are readily dissolved in the high-proof alcohol during the distillation process, but do not mix with water. When absinthe is diluted with water and the alcohol-to-water ratio changes, the oils come out of solution with the alcohol to form a colloidal suspension (microscopic oil droplets) with the water, causing a beautiful cloudy effect, known as the “louche.” “Louche” is a French word (pronounced “loosh”) meaning variously, “turbulent” “troubled” and “cloudy.”"



208 West 4th Street, Austin, Texas

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Taken on April 29, 2012