FCC citation p1

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    read the story here @ popularitydialer.com

    1. wheresaddie ages ago | reply

      glad to see my tax money is being well spent.

    2. seanaes ages ago | reply

      crazy town.

    3. benvolut ages ago | reply

      sigh. i gotta believe this won't hold up!

    4. meghatron ages ago | reply

      Good luck fighting this you guys.

    5. ibitmylip ages ago | reply

      that's ridicutarded.

    6. db21399 ages ago | reply

      ha ha how do you know the "citation" is even real, plus a "citation" is not an actual "cease and desist" -- I think someone is yanking your chain in DC

    7. jennylc ages ago | reply

      oh it's real alright. I wish it was just someone yanking our chain!

    8. rincon_edward ages ago | reply

      you know, I work for a survey company and we are constantly dialing random numbers, and we get a lot of emergency services numbers. The FCC hasn't sent us a citation yet, and the people we call complain worse than you would ever think. But we are totally safe.

    9. Jaypoc ages ago | reply

      I'm so glad that the Federal Communications Commission is wasting their time with this bullshit. I wish that government agencies could be held accountable for their own ignorance and stupidity. This sounds like a personal vendetta against the party who requested the call, but don't shoot the messenger. My tax dollars are hard at work. This is an agency who's job is to allocate and enforce radio spectrum, but they've given themselves the right to stick their noses into other's business. FUCK YOU F.C.C.

    10. SGSCRIBE 117 months ago | reply

      Can it be made into a software that we download and run off our computers? That way you aren't responsible for the calls made.

    11. mostdone2012 82 months ago | reply

      i like Ur adventure, i thin this is good enough

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