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"Obama's War" | by Cecilia...
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"Obama's War"

Hundreds of thousands of refugees in

Pakistan + bombing civilians in Afghanistan.

From: Yahoo news.


The Obama just like Bush item

Bird Eye says:

I'll freely admit to starting too many items regarding how Obama's war, finance, and civil liberties polices are just like Bush. So this item is to link to stories where Obama's polices are just like Bush. I'll start Obama AGAIN defends government secrecy to keep people from knowing whether the government is spying on them:


See also:

Posted at 4:56PM, 7 April 2009 PDT ( permalink )


David C. Foster says:

You seem to want him to fail?

Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )


Bird Eye says:

No David I voted for Obama and as a lefty progressive I very much wanted him as our first African American president to be the real thing and a refreshing change for the country.


Sadly though he seems to be behaving EXACTLY like Bush which makes me bitter and angry. I am not going to SUDDENLY support policies like government secrecy on behalf on Un-Constitutional wiretapping of Americans, escalation of unwinable Vietnam like quagmire wars, and massive unaccountable transfers of taxpayer money from the average American to the ultra elite rich just because it's done by a D.


I have always voted for Greens in the past and clearly this experiment of "lesser two evils" shows why, lesser evil often turns out to be just plain evil. Instead of FDR and real help for a hurting country it seems we have gotten a slicker more articulate personable Bush II :(!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )

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Patriot 1958 says:

Bird...has any leftist progressive government ever done any long standing good for anyone?

Posted 5 weeks ago. ( permalink )


iamyourbestfriend says:

Bird Eye If you would have paid attention during class you would have heard the warnings of how Obama was a fraud.

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Taken on May 10, 2009