Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) 2012
I was drawn to Iceland specifically to see the Northern Lights. Its something I didnt think I would see until I was a bit older perhaps. But after going to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition in Greenwich last month, and when I heard that this year was a particularly good year for seeing them, I decided that was it. Time to go see them,
A lot of people said I shouldnt expect to see them, And after 9 days in Iceland and not seeing any lights, I was inclined to agree. But I had planned it all so well! What a disappointment. I had bought a special lens and acquired a tripod too. I made sure it was a new moon. But you cant control the clouds.
Luckily form me, after posting a plea on Facebook for all my friends to ask the universe to keep the skies clear, that very night it happened and I got to see this glorious spectacle.
It was more than I had expected. I had expected a couple of lines of green in the distance. But the WHOLE sky was lit up. Gently flowing streaks everywhere, above, and to both sides. First undulating slowly in the darkness of the countryside and then 5 hours later back in Reykjavik they were dancing at a faster pace.
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