Reykjavik 101
There's something about Reykjavik... its a city of lost gloves, colourful art, quirky creativity and unique individuals. The tap water tastes icy crisp and fresh. The hot water and swimming pools are heated/energised by geothermal heat from the ground. During the day, it feels like the sun is desperately trying to set in very slow motion (well in November it does). Ive never drunk quite so many hot chocolates in the space of a week.

Most of the population of Iceland lives in Reykjavik, probably because the vast majority of the land in the centre of Iceland is covered in glaciers, mountains and volcanoes. The entire population of Iceland is something like 350,000, and this could have something to do with why its such safe place to be and the crime rate is so low. I read somewhere that people tend to be more honest when they might know the person they could be stealing from =) Or maybe the Northern Lights, which can often be seen glowing in the sky over the city in the winter, has some magical effect on everyone?
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