Shannyn is so pretttty

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    1. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      thanks again!

    2. soigne photography [deleted] ages ago | reply

      wonderful portrait. well done!

      -Kevin :)

    3. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      thank you very much

    4. Raphie Frank ages ago | reply


      Take a look at Shannyn so pretttty on Snipes Logomancy & So So Psychosis yo the lyrics of Marx' "Vanity City" ©: Manicans 2006

    5. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      @ Raphie Frank:
      Hey man, I read that thing and I have to say I think you are reading my friend all wrong. She is not vain at all. She rarely wears makeup, she doesn't wash or comb her hair, she is in international development and womens studies andis volunteering in an eco village in costa rica this august... she's not more shoes than brains. I mean I can understand the creative expression on your behalf, but she is a beautiful person inside and out, and probably the smartest person I know... so I had to say something.

    6. Raphie Frank ages ago | reply

      Raphie says:
      A major gold star to Jennifwr! There is a boojummy kind of woman. Snipes will say (okay, I will) that we posted Shannon's picture only because she was so, so beautiful and the type of woman who could be vain. Because we (okay, I) knew you were a friend (or contact) of Ana Crisan's and I know a thing or two about Ana though we have never met. She is alll about people and individuality and humanity. And doing SOMETHING. ANYTHING and I HOPED you would either know I was linking to an obviously REAL person or challenge me if you didn't.

      You just made my day. EXCELLENT! Gerry, over on Friendster believes we ought just accept this or that because , well, people are not perfect, so why bother to try to be better? Why indeed! Because of the smile this will bring you to know you just made a difference and you, not I, will be the one to make him REALLY think. It sucks to be outdone by a 22-year old. That took, what, 22 seconds or so to write?

      Nothing comes from nothing Gerry. And nothing ever will. If you want change, BE the change.

    7. Raphie Frank ages ago | reply

      And now Jennifr, take a look at some of the other writings on the blog and think about why I HOPED you would do the right thing.

      It's called LEADERSHIP and you are a leader. If you think I've things to say, get some people on over there because we can get some people thinking... TOGETHER. Vice-versa.


      Oh, and Marx happens to be African American and one of the most brilliant men I know. Believe me, Jenn, he and I BOTH know what it is like to be misunderstood and believe me, it ain't easy.

      psychotic, insane, weird, moron... these are just a few of the names I have been called this past week. NOW, imagine being a beautiful woman followed down the streeet by a black man. Shannyn and Marx? Two beautiful people? Think about it... As Shannyn must often feel, I KNOW Marx often feels.

      Those were the first lyrics Marx has ever posted online and I WANT THAT record set straight. That was no small thing and I am honored he trusted me to do it. He knew I would try to make it matter. He is a very, very talented musician and a great singer and if I can play any role in helping him, I will be honored as I imagine you feel for Shannyn.


      P.S. NOW, knowing all this, and assuming you read some of the stuff on my blog, shall I remove the picture? Or shall we leave it to make the point I believe we both want to make and I believe Shannyn and Marx woud also like to make.

    8. vipinfo2000 ages ago | reply

      Great shot!

    9. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      THank you!!!

    10. Michael Godek ages ago | reply arn't kidding, she is gorgeous!!! so happy too :)

    11. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      yeah she's a looker alright...
      and happy 99% of the time... she definitely wins at life ;)

    12. wisdoms ages ago | reply

      no! Shannyn is so beautiful, it's different!

    13. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      you're right, though I think she's both
      and if you'd ever spoken to her you'd know just how beautiful she is inside and out.

    14. wisdoms ages ago | reply

      what's that? an implicit invitation to meet her? I accept... :-D I'm joking!!! simply greetings from germany and have a nice w/e... both! :-D

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that it's a lovely photo because of its precious mood! :-D well done!

    15. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      ha ha hey man, she's 1/2 german!
      and thanks!

    16. wisdoms ages ago | reply

      but I'm not german :-S
      50% italian & 50% sicilian :-D

    17. Jennifwr ages ago | reply

      well the other 1/2 is italian... so...

    18. maghin ages ago | reply

      love this shot, beautiful tone and composition!

      Seen in a tag search. (?)

    19. Jennifwr ages ago | reply


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