• Kevin Foster
  • Lenore Donadio
  • Elena Zucker (who was my best friend).
  • Jennifer Bashore
  • Mark Brandt
  • Me, wearing my beloved panda necklace with the movable legs.
  • Brian something-or-other--one of those kids who disappeared off the face of the earth after Kindergarten.
  • Savannah Singer
  • Adam Gonzales, the Lone Ethnic Kid in my glaringly white grade.
  • Coren Jagnow, who went on to become class's our co-valedictorian.
  • Gary Fuhrman, who chivalrously agreed to play Barbies with me when our moms hung out.
  • Ellen Cummings
  • Penny Morgan
  • Leslie Gingrich
  • Amy Templin
  • Amy Mease, who went on to become our class's homecoming queen.
  • Jennifer Gooch, who allegedly got kidnapped by her dad, before resurfacing a few years later as Jennifer Romanov, only to disappear again.
  • Deana Reinhold
  • I don't have a clue who he is!
  • Mrs. Lofland, who generously refrained from publicly humiliating me when I had an in-class accident in my Fangface Halloween costume, and needed my mom to come to school and bring me a fresh pair of what were undoubtedly plaid bellbottoms.

my Kindergarten class

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  1. Harobed and Samoht 91 months ago | reply

    If I have learned anything from your class pictures, Jen, it is that you had a thing for jumpers. Or your mom did.

  2. Anosmia 91 months ago | reply

    Oh I know--I don't get it! It must've been my mom or my sister's doing, because the bulk of my clothes were hand-me-downs from my sister. Except for the rockin' Annie overalls, which were ALL MINE.

  3. hollowdog1 82 months ago | reply

    Ha - Went to Southwest too. About 5 years ahead of you. Wow, I'm old now.

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