my dog, the sock puppet (good vibes appreciated)

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    This is my baby lowland gorilla, Gromit.

    Okay, he's actually a pug/Boston terrier cross, but he looks like a gorilla, and here he looks like a demented sock puppet.

    Last night he started exhibiting what can only be called "signs of neurological distress." By the time I got him to Dove Lewis, his front end was stiff, he was drooling and panicky, he couldn't hold his own weight, his head and neck were craned back as far as they could go, and he had vomited all over me and the backseat of my car where I was holding him, sort of like in the Exorcist. It was very, very grim when we got to DL.

    Thanks to some steroid injections and anti-nausea the panic started to subside, and by 11pm last night in the ICU he recognized me and gave me giant kisses and smiles and tail wags and snuggled his stuffed armadillo toy I brought him. This morning his back end is still unstable, but he's in good spirits. He's currently in for observation and tests at a doggie neurologist. My amazing boytoy, Patrick, not only sat with me all night, he ran and got me Little Big Burger while we were waiting at DL for news. And, being friends with my vet, last night she came to Dove Lewis to get the full scoop and visit me and check in on my gorilla. It's times like these, when I am surrounded by amazing professionals and specialists all within a few miles of my home, and when friends of mine are calling me, offering to sit with me at the office, or run out and get me lunch - it's times like these I realize how incredibly lucky we were to land here in Portland. Even my day-job boss has been amazing - helping me with the bills and letting me stay at his townhouse near Dove Lewis so I could be nearby if Groms took a turn last night. And I got to wash my vomit-covered LL Bean jacket.

    I won't know until later what on earth happened to my baby. Perhaps a form of encephalitis or meningitis; perhaps a stroke or embolism; perhaps a bizarre seizure (though it lasted a very, very long time). All I know is that I plan on having this ridiculous face greet me for a good many more years - I mean, how could you not love a comical guy like this?

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    1. Korneliussen 27 months ago | reply

      Great portrait.
      Love the expression on his face.
      Good that you have such a shallow DOF so that the background doesnt get to intense.

    2. manyfires 27 months ago | reply

      That face! Rooting for Groms today, Jenna... keep us updated!

    3. *Starbuck* 27 months ago | reply

      He is going in for a spinal tap! I'm heading back out to the clinic in a little bit. At the office right now running about to get a few things done. So far, he's stable and hasn't shown any signs of regression or increased swelling in his brain. Phew!

    4. 27 months ago | reply

      get well little buddy.

    5. bodiegroup 27 months ago | reply

      We just went through much of the same with our kitty... She's doing great now. I wish the same for you and Gromit.

    6. mtngrlkd 27 months ago | reply

      Oh no! Poor little guy. Sending well wishes his way (and to you too, hang in there).

    7. dubl*a 27 months ago | reply

      glad he's okay.

    8. rowcrop77 27 months ago | reply

      Keep us posted. We're crossing our fingers, toes and tails and hoping for the best.

    9. J.Sod 27 months ago | reply

      I'm so sorry to hear your dog is having a rough go at it :( That is quite a cute face. Owning two pugs myself I see similar smiles on a daily basis and love every minute of it. Thinking happy thoughts for your pup.

    10. CosmoeD 27 months ago | reply

      Get well soon little guy

    11. *Starbuck* 27 months ago | reply

      So this little ape not only had a CT scan and a spinal tap yesterday, they actually took brain fluid from his head - so he's coming home a little sore. I get to pick him up shortly! He's totally clear of any sort of "itis" - his spinal and brain fluids were fine - the CT shows swelling in half his brain - but there were no toxins or infections that blood work or the tap could find - so for whatever reason, this little dude's brain got all swollen and nearly killed him. So, he's coming home to rest (which will disappoint Wallace the Pug to no end, because he'll want to play play play - he's been crying without Gromit, which is heartbreaking) - and he'll be on steroids for a while longer.

      What a bizarre emergency.

    12. kainz0r [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

      *good vibes*

      Here's hoping this little cutie is happy and healthy for a long time to come.

    13. O-kami 27 months ago | reply

      hope that he recovers quickly - so glad that you are able to bring him home. It's so hard when they are ill.

    14. rsc_escher 27 months ago | reply

      A shout out for Gromit to get better and a quick recovery! He's a cutie

    15. *Starbuck* 27 months ago | reply

      He's curled up on the couch at my office. He had the shivers this morning, and I'm wondering if he was cold? I called the neurologist (gave me his cell phone) and he said to watch him. So, today, "Gorilla is my copilot," as I work on year-end taxes. :/ Overall, he's a little more like himself every day, but he's still really tired.

    16. *Starbuck* 27 months ago | reply

      Thank you, everyone, for your support!

    17. kristenlparker 27 months ago | reply

      I really, really hope he's okay... :/

    18. miracleco 26 months ago | reply

      WOW! Poor Gromit! How scray this must have been for you! I hope he is doing better! You need much less doggie drama!

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