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an adventure to remember

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From my whirlwind trip to Zion/wilds of Utah/brief tour of AZ/Vegas this past June with Ara and Emily. I am dying to get back here next year! Ara and I travel with similar gear, and so as to not be bogged down for our adventures we had brought one of everything with us - one body each and a selection of lenses to share. There was a lens mishap late the previous night - and I wound up spending my day with a Nikon 16mm fisheye unexpectedly. And of course, there's no polarizer for that bad boy. It's a great lens, but I missed the CPL. (Warning: the lens cap on those things costs $35 bucks, so I recommend not losing it.)

I really only took two decent photos back here - mostly I was torn between hypothermia and enjoying the shit out of the experience. We get so tied up in getting THE SHOT that sometimes we forget to sit back and say "Wow."

Next year I'll shoot this spot with a different lens (and a filter!), a little earlier, and I'll be better prepared for the FRIGID water so I can spend a little longer enjoying the spot instead of racing for dry ground to warm up my poor tootsies, which by the time I shot this photo I had lost the feeling in entirely. The water was only ankle to mid calf deep in places, knee deep in a few spots, but 40 degree water rushing over your feet hurts.

It was worth every single pain and shiver.

And I swear when I get this excited, so it's got some f-bombs, but I got video!

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  1. *Starbuck* 42 months ago | reply


    Meanwhile, back at our car...

    And Arizona out the car window on our way back to Vegas:

  2. Parker Knight 42 months ago | reply

    How did you survive walking up the river on Zion canyon without immediate available restroom?

  3. alternativeview1 42 months ago | reply

    Amazing image, absolutely beautiful.

  4. manyfires 42 months ago | reply

    So jealous of this adventure! And what a great shot.

  5. Sassafras T. 42 months ago | reply

    what an awesome shot!

  6. ashergrey 42 months ago | reply

    Kanarra isn't as cold if you go later in the season, FYI.

    Also: youtu.be/aoA-13PJbD4

  7. *Starbuck* 42 months ago | reply

    We were there end of June, and my friend was there again a month later - the water wasn't any warmer in July than in June, but it wasn't as deep or rushing quite as much, either. When we were in Utah the Narrows in Zion was closed because of all the rains - so that may have contributed to the depth, temperature, and speed of the water. We'll be back next year, so we'll see what we find then! (PS- in June the second ladder wasn't up above, either.)

  8. ashergrey 42 months ago | reply

    This year was atypical in Utah as we were still getting snowmelt in July. The water will always be chilly but it's certainly worse when it was snow just hours before. In any case, your sacrifice was worth it... you ended up with a great photo.

  9. CosmoeD 40 months ago | reply

    AN adventure to remember, what happened to this years birthday pic. It was a favorite of mine. : )

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