under a blanket of stars, not even a speck in this universe, I said goodnight to Zion

I'm not even dust in the grand scheme of things - and when I stand under soaring giants like the cliffs and mountains in Zion and look out into galaxies I can't even imagine in the night sky that is so different and so clear from any other night sky I've ever seen - it reminds me all over again how vast, impressive and amazing the universe is, and how I'm part of it for such a fleeting moment - and it inspires me to go and see more and do more before I am incapable. A photograph of it? Just an added bonus. :)

  • Keith Friend 4y

    lovely capture of time and place.. and our place in the schemes of things...
    enjoy, experience and share... :)

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • Swany_Swan 4y

    WOW! how in the world did you shoot that? great work!
  • melfoody 4y

    This is stunning - great work.
  • Red~Star 4y

    I've never had the pleasure of going to Zion National Park. I hope someday I can go there. Sublime night time shot of the mountains and stars. So, you shot this at ISO 2000...it doesn't look noisy at all. I like the light hitting the peaks. I'd love to have that lens. I have the Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye.
  • Gregory Pepion 4y

    Very cool view of this vast landscape, and even vaster night sky. It's amazing to think how minuscule we are in the scheme of things. Just think, it takes just 1 second for light to travel 186,000 miles. It takes 8 minutes for light from the sun to reach earth. The next closest star is the Alpha Centari system, where it takes light 4 years to reach earth. In fact, most of the stars we see on a clear night are hundreds of light years away. It's mind boggling! :)
  • zircon100 4y

  • Jeff Maack 4y

    awesome shot!
  • navdog 4y

    The illumination of the trees and rocks really adds some nice depth to this. Sure wish I could do star stuff with my Pentax.
  • *Starbuck* 4y

    I have to tell you - there were a lot of things *loved* about that camera - but long exposures wasn't one of them. I could never, ever have shot this with that camera - A) it would have driven me nuts B) the grain would have been AWFUL - this was at ISO 2000. I hated that no matter how many settings I adjusted, for a 30 second exposure, I had to wait 30 seconds to view my LCD screen. DROVE ME NUTS. Overall, I'm glad I made the switch back to Nikon (it's like a codependent relationship, we keep taking each other back) but still think for the money the Pentax offers a LOT for the average shooter. I just outgrew it.
  • *Starbuck* 4y

    PS - you do AMAZING things with your Pentax - I attempted similar things but always wound up on the verge of smashing mine to hundreds of pieces. I once ran over a Fuji S2 Pro, so it's not unprecedented behavior...
  • Damian Riehl 4y

    Love the foreground. And good stuff in your stream. Rollins...niiiiice.
  • *Starbuck* 4y

    Thanks! Some people have religion...I have Henry. :)
  • Jules Rose 4y

    breathtaking ! reminds me of my mediterranean childhood when I used to watch the starry sky at night on Princess Island...I miss those summer nights dreadfully...your photograph is amazing..
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