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A bit of escapism never hurt anyone.

2010 went out with a motherfucking BANG to my wallet and my psyche. My baby, Wallace, who is just shy of his 4th birthday, had a medical emergency. $1800 later, he's still peeing blood. I do not wish the medical bills or the hard work of canine bladder stones on anyone. Because of course, my dog didn't have the ones that can dissolve with a special diet and lots of water (struvite), my dog has the nasty calcium oxate type, which will potentially return even with a prescription diet. If he were 15, I'd have taxidermied the little dude or something, but he's my baby, and he's too young and healthy otherwise. So, I put myself in debt (deeper) to pay for his surgery. And I know, looking at his little face looking up at me as I type, I don't regret it one bit.


In fact, today I received a $500 donation towards his medical care. So just like past traumas, I'll get through this, too.


2010 was an AMAZING year, I had so much fun, did so many amazing things, saw so many incredible places, traveled with friends, the list of "things I did" would make most people think A) how do you have the time and B) I want your life. Truth is, it's still not enough and I cannot wait to see what trouble I can cause in 2011. But the last week of 2010 came to a crashing, burning, terrible halt for me and several close friends. Jobs were lost. My office was flooded. Parents are losing their marbles. A business acquaintance of mine committed suicide just before Christmas, leaving behind a three year old and a one year old child and a 28 year old wife. It was not a good time for me and many others. Maybe it's just the holidays...whatever it was, I wish the last two weeks of 2010 hadn't happened.


So today, after dealing with a blood-peeing pug, insurance adjusters, and other nightmares, I ran away for a couple of hours with Ara. And I'm so very, very glad we did. It was the end of the day, light was fading quickly, but we made three worthwhile stops and for just an hour or two, life didn't suck quite as much.


Then I came home and Wallace peed blood at my feet on the carpet. Escape over. Business trip to Florida, Wednesday-Friday, canceled. But dammit, I got a photo, and it rocks. SO FUCKING THERE!


***UPDATE 1/5/11*** Tonight Wallace had to have another surgery, this one more invasive. It started out as a simple procedure...only that wasn't going to work. So Wallace underwent a second surgery and has essentially been turned into a functioning female. He still has his boy bits, but he was given a new...uhm... port (?) from which he will now urinate. Eventually he will learn to control his bladder again, but for now he is in diapers and has what can only be described as a gaping wound in his groin. I know Iwouldn't want to pee through a wound, but it had to be done. Hopefully, hopefully this is it for the disaster. My vet is my HERO.


And an old friend sent me $100 via PayPal to help with medical expenses, with the "caveat" that when I'm back on my feet I pay it forward and give $100 to a charity of my choice. Done, old friend. People are amazing.

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Taken on January 3, 2011