a modern Patterson-Gimlin style sighting...?

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    The pose Patrick is striking here (do I dare say it) as he tiptoes through the tulips carrying his suede shoes so they don't get muddied, the pose here reminds me of the old Bigfoot film, when Bigfoot turns to look at the camera.

    While I am convinced if anyone around here is going to have a run-in with a sasquatch it will be me, I mean, odds are with my life I'm destined, right? But I also feel like we should have seen him by now with the crazy places I go on the weekends.
    But no sightings yet, just similarities between that giant hairy creature of myth and folklore, and my skinny hairy creature of growing myth and folklore.

    This man rocks. What can I say? It also helps that I have a spectacular collection of fabulous dresses that just happen to fit my thin-as-a-rail significant other. The eggplant colored taffeta number he's wearing here is a $60 dress I snagged for $12 on a clearance rack, and have yet to wear myself, with the fantastic Chinese Laundry suede multi-colored heels he's carrying, the heels I had been eying for months until they dropped to just $15.

    He's smartly AND affordably dressed, I tell you.

    The weather held out perfectly today to give us a chance to go and shoot this after work, before the Easter mob scene hit the fields this weekend. However, last Friday when we were shooting Patrick at the waterfront with the Cherry Blossoms he was whistled at. They do things a little differently down there in Woodburn. A woman riding around on one of the rides, the one shaped like little cows getting dragged behind the tractor, she was pretty horrified. The look she gave Patrick implied she'd never seen anything quite so tasteless or offensive before. But she was riding in a steel drum painted to look like a fucking COW, so maybe her opinion is questionable.

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    1. *Starbuck* 102 months ago | reply

      Evidence that he doesn't even hate me after these events:


    2. Starlisa 102 months ago | reply

      he is a great sport by golly and mighty cute with that little grin while in taffeta... you two were made for each other I think! no shortage of fun around you!

    3. Starlisa 102 months ago | reply

      by the way, Jenna you have put on a little weight since I saw you last! love your patched apron and wooden shoes!

    4. Ivy R 102 months ago | reply

      Damn - I have never in all my years looked as cool, natural and great as does here. I am so loving this series!

    5. Wandering Images 102 months ago | reply

      He does have fashion sense. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Although my psyche has scaring which remains from the viewing of the cherry blossom shot, but extra doses of Thorozene should cure that.

    6. Tanis Justice 102 months ago | reply

      That's a man who loves you... I wear a lot of kilts, but I don't think that counts lol

    7. *Starbuck* 102 months ago | reply

      Darlisa, he puts up with a lot, but he clearly enjoys it... and didn't you know I'm actually a fat little Dutch girl? Really? My family helped settle New Amsterdam (aka NY) and there are some streets and buildings in NY and NJ with my last name. : )

      Thanks, Ivy! I just had him stroll down the row of Tulips and I shot as he went. I think he was grinning because he saw the tram coming full of people who were staring at him.

      Thanks, Wendi! It looks better on me, I think. I think.

      Thorazine? Nah. Just check out some internet porn. You'll forget all about Patrick, I bet.

      Studioa, I think as utilikilts were meant for guys and this dress is clearly mine, it doesn't quite count...

    8. The Dragonfly's Lair 102 months ago | reply

      yes Jenna that is the bigfoot pose.. go figure. I may have to start hating this wonderful man of yours... he looks WAY better than me in a dress!

    9. pdxblazer503 101 months ago | reply

      LOL .... this one just crack me to big laugh ! sweet !

    10. little m:) 101 months ago | reply

      you two crack me up!

    11. Tanis Justice 101 months ago | reply

      He is very impressive. Super hero like even...

    12. Immortal Thrill-Seeker 101 months ago | reply

      "smartly AND affordably dressed"? Well, just call me Michelle Obama! : ) It's a fun shot! I think the sunglasses make me look even hotter than usual. It would certainly be cool to see this place in the tulip photo contest.

    13. derek.olsen 90 months ago | reply

      haha. oh awesome

    14. Rebeca N. 79 months ago | reply


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