Meet The Teenies
We put up this little shelter in our yard in the hope that Stumpy, an incredibly sweet stray in our neighborhood who has basically adopted us, would have her babies there. She didn't deliver them in it, but at some point on May 14th or 15th, she moved them in. The kittens were born around April 29th.

We want to do the very best we can do for Stumpy and her little ones, so we'll be keeping a close eye on them as they grow into hopefully strong, healthy, happy kitties. When they're ready, we very much hope to find them loving homes.

Update here.

Second update: They're back!

Third update: All four kittens are safe inside, three of them in their new homes and one spending the night indoors until hopefully going with its new family tomorrow!

Full story is here

Update: All four kittens are adopted!
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