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20x200 Edition: I Bought All of These by Kate Bingaman-Burt (10.30.07)

Hello my 20x200 friends, and welcome to our second week of reprises. I know, I know - you crave the new, and for that I cannot blame you! Trust me when I say that there is much fresh print deliciousness in store for you next week.


In the meanwhile, I bet you really haven't had a good look at Kate Bingaman-Burt's first 20x200 edition, I Bought All of These. Aside from that, it's got some juicy background to it that I'm sure you haven't heard about, since I never told you.


Every single print of this lovely edition is hand-colored by KBB her own self. Even the 200 small ones! As of this writing, this is what we have in stock:



Edition of 200 each $20. 148 remain



Edition of 20 each $200. 20 remain



Edition of 2 each $2000. 2 remain


It was during an IM conversation with Kate back in January that 20x200 was born. She was right there beside me, virtually speaking, as I started piecing together the plan, came up with the name and reserved the domain name. Naturally she was also the first person I invited to do an edition.


I love the extra effort that went into it - one of the fun things about the structure of 20x200 is that there's room to play around and do different things at each level. The aforementioned hand-coloring is great in the small and medium editions, and the vellum pieces are beautiful to behold. The color and the array of purchases set the edition apart from Kate's addictive daily drawings. Also Kate seems to accumulate sunglasses at a similar pace to my own accumulation of clogs or cowboy boots, and that makes me feel less lonely in my obsessions. Who knew that one small piece of art could give so much, for so little?


Like many (most? hopefully all!) of the 20x200 editions, I assure you that this print is better in person, and remind you that there's only one way to find out for yourself: buy one!

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Taken on August 16, 2007