• Gomper - first resin toy I ever made.
  • The first Stompin' Gomper - and little Pee Wee. I love small toys, and these two are fun. We use them as tokens when playing games.
  • GOF is the comic book that has all my characters in it. Most of these characters are found in GOF comics.
  • Gomper Ghost - I think there are 5 or 6 of these on earth. I didn't make many.
  • Stalagmite and Woeme, they go together. Woeme climbs the mountain, enters the cave to ask Stalagmite deep questions, which he gets wise silly answers.
  • Little Lost JEMTOY with removable wings.
  • Swamp Bogger. Late at night we could hear bull frogs croaking, but my grandfather always told me it was Swamp Boggers building nests. This is what I imagined they look like.
  • Moon Man with printed waterslide decal face, spray urethane as sealer. Cool little guy, but lots of work.
  • The original Moon Men had hand painted faces. These are the only ones on earth. I couldn't split them up, they are a team.

photo for cryptidhunter (Bundle #1)

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I rounded up a bunch of things you liked in my photos. If you want this heap of goodness, just order it at my bigcartel shop before someone else does. It's at: jemtoy.bigcartel.com/product/cryptidhunter

  1. cryptidhunter 43 months ago | reply

    i got the toys

  2. JEMTOY.com 43 months ago | reply

    Email or flickr mail me your name and address you used to order because for some reason I got several orders for this batch of toys over night. I want to be sure I'm shipping this batch to you and not someone else!

  3. JEMTOY.com 43 months ago | reply

    Ah Ha, this is what happened, Philip J Reed blogged about this set, and it brought in lots of traffic. Dang! Check it out: www.battlegrip.com/?p=32355

  4. cryptidhunter 43 months ago | reply

    i flickr mailed you so tell me if i can get them

  5. JEMTOY.com 43 months ago | reply

    Of course you get them, you were the first to order. These are your toys!

  6. Opportunity LOL 43 months ago | reply

    Dang! Sick deal @ $40 - and I love the idea of putting together sets for people.

  7. JEMTOY.com 43 months ago | reply

    Yeah, this made me realize putting together small sets makes it so much fun. A little of this, a little of that. Most of these small toys would just sit there without commanding much attention, but once grouped together into a set it's so much fun. When I cast I pour my left over resin into small molds so I don't waste my plastic. The little things pile up fast. I'm going to have fun grouping them all into sets. I might have to use etsy because when I put this set on bigcartel I got several orders for the same set and I only have one of everything... etsy or bigcartel? Anyone out there have a preference?

  8. cryptidhunter 43 months ago | reply

    can i choose another order

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