in my handdrawings I am not interested in depicting something that I`ve seen in the real world, my interest lies in transforming something that I`ve seen in the virtual world. mostly I try to figure out, how simulation and animation programs are trying to help us understand how complex processes happen. (but do they?)

since mankind is interested in reality and understanding the world, he produces models of this world. He refer, describes, explains, creates drawings, writings, paintings in which he gives the ability to endure to what is true or or important for him. Through digital programmed realities, descriptions of the world have become in touch with probable possibilities.

the virtual space becomes a stage for geometrical performances, whose cause and effect have no "real" source. However, I am transforming and archiveing these repetitive sequences to handmade analogue data, as if I had observed and traced reality.

primary I am questioning the access, influence and valence between the physical-realworld and the synthetic-virtual world as well as the effect of the medium on the space.

stb - series
handdrawings, ink on paper, various sizes

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peter jellitsch 2012
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