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Stephen the Pigata goes for a stroll

Stephen is oblivious to how much danger he is in as a feral animal and how conspicuous he is. A couple of Eastern Grey Kangaroos look at Stephen's brilliant colours with envy.


For the last year or so, every one week in four, I've been going up into Namadgi NP to count pig poo. We've been monitoring that to look at the effectiveness of pig baiting. It was done by setting up plots along transects through cleared areas of Namadgi such as Orroral Valley, Nursery Swamp and Cotter Flats and using kms of flagging tape, hundreds of tents pegs and small flags. We stayed at Cotter Hut and headed out each day. Today I returned from the final week of the program. To celebrate our final week, we had a different activitiy organised each night. On Monday, we had trivia night. Tuesday was Pass-the-Parcel. Wednesday was Pin-the-tail-on-the-Pig. And last night was the piñata. Claire had made a beautiful pigata for us but we were unable to bring orselves to destroy him, so Claire and Greg put together a replacement from materials at hand (see photos of other pig pinata). By moonlight, we each were spun three times round and took a swing with a stick, until the killer blow was struck and the pigata disgorged its sweet, edible stomach contents.

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Taken on September 12, 2008