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3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography: ‎Animation of Sinlaku Storm's evoluton on Tz slice

3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography model of an internal SpaceTime (X,Y,Tz) structure (quaternion, sphynx) of the Sinlaku storm it is created by 4D GeoSEIS Tomography transformations of the AQUA IR satellite image. Scale: 1px-1,22km; Tz (model's height) = 130km.


Uniqueness of 3D GeoSEIS technology is determined by algorithms that transforms digital images of physical fields into volumetric SpaceTime models which reflects not only an internal structure, but also evolution of field`s structures.


The author will review any serious proposals on purchasing and the further development, on testing and application 4D GeoSEIS Tomography technologies in NASA/ESA/USGS and in Your Projects.


We propose (for NASA & any company) 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography transformation of digital (multispectral, radar, geophysical...) images and video for volumetric mapping of 4D SpaceTime structures of physical's fields.

* Mining professionals of State Enterprise "Mining-Ore Research Institute" (Ukraine) used 3D GeoSEIS Tomography to accurately locate subsurface volumetric distribution (deep:500-700m) of cavities & mineworkings: VALIDATION CERTIFICATE for “4D GeoSEIS Tomography” Method (English ver.)


Take your geospatial analysis to the next 3D-4D level with 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography!


*Using 4D GeoSEIS Tomography transformation of various bands of the multispectral imagery of WV-2, the discriminating iron oxides, clay and hydrothermal minerals can be accurately volumetric mapped...

* The results of structural-geodynamic modeling proved possibility of satellite maps creation (Landsat7ETM, ASTER, World View-2…) of low-amplitude tectonics with spatial resolution 1-20-30m/pix for horizontal lines, and 20 cm of fold’s amplitude. The spatial resolution of satellite models and maps on a concrete area exceeded the spatial resolution of mining works plan on the scale 1:5000.

* 3D GeoSEIS Tomography is invaluable for identifying geodynamic zones that may be potential areas for rock bursts, 3D fracture patterns, their density (number of cracks per unit volume) and outline zones of high permeability, shear zones and faults...

Seeking business partners for 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography modeling and Monitoring…

Seeking business partners for developing 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography transformation of 2D-3D digital (multispectral, radar, geophysical, CT, MRI, Ultrasound) images and video...

* We are looking for investment partnership for developing 6D GeoSEIS Tomography transformation of 3D digital (multispectral, radar, geophysical, CT, MRI, Ultrasound) images and video... If you interest it, please don’t miss this opportunity. Please check of the information:

* Uniqueness of 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography technology is determined by algorithms that transforms digital images of physical fields into volumetric space-time models which reflects not only an volumetric structure, but also evolution of field`s structures.

* 6D GeoSEIS Tomography brings 3D scan visualization to a whole 6D volumetric animation level. Its 6D Space-time-based Technology extends the capabilities of volumetric modeling practices – allowing anyone, anywhere to see, explore and share (in real-time) 6D interactive views directly from traditional 3D Seismic, MRI, CT and ultrasound scans…

My Customers & Partners: Institute of Geological Sciences of NAS (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of NAS, Institute of Problems on Nature Management & Ecology of NAS, State Enterprise NIGRI (Mining-Ore Research Institute)...

Publications and scientific reports:,

Certificates: ,, , ,

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