Dragon Shoulder Puppet - Easy to Make!

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Start with some tinfoil armature for the head and jaws (teeth) - (and a nice tail) - wrap with some 26 gauge wire, then smooth on the Sculpy clay finish with some texture, and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Then you make a wooden chassis with the vinyl tubing afixed to where the head will swivel, add the head on a long threaded rod, put in some eyehooks - attach some cable (through the vinyl tubing) to the eyehooks, then wrap the body with some duct-tape, hot-glue the feather boa around and around, affix the skeleton hands (painted gloss black) - and then the neodynum magnets (for the vest and the bottom of the dragon. Ta-Da - EASY!

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  1. Gurhel 45 months ago | reply

    Ye wouldn't happen to have a blue print lying around would you my daughter fell in love with them

  2. Panlora 35 months ago | reply

    Could someone (maybe you?) please, please make a visual instruction sheet on how to do this?!

  3. mitzi68mitzi1956 32 months ago | reply

    ya ya a visual would be great!! The animal i can sculpt and add fur/feathers to, It's the cable thing thats got me baffled

  4. mistreke 28 months ago | reply

    If you guys want one, TwilightSaint on deviantart makes really good shoulder puppets! I personally have 3, and they are all sooo amazing.

  5. mistreke 28 months ago | reply

    The only reason why i say is because I don't know if this person does commissions.

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