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WINTER by Jeff Kollins

Gail force winds and heavy snow engulfed him.

"Blizzard conditions....must stay focused!"

With every step, his aching lungs searched for air - for the energy needed to continue. He could feel his body shut down under the extreme conditions of this fridged wasteland.

"Impossible quest - yes, most impossible. Time to rest now. Just for a little - yes - rest."

He closed his eyes, and his mind slipped into peaceful nothingness.


And then it happened!


In a distant corner of his mind, like an echo of a forgotten memory, there was movement. A glimmer of of blue light, followed by the flittering sound of wings. Was he dreaming?


Then came a gentle whisper. "WINTER is upon us, make haste!"


He stood up and peered into the snow. It was directly in front of him now. He reached out slowly.....


This is my second illustration for Illustration Friday. Pen and ink on paper. It's been a busy holiday season so I haven't had the time to color....hopefully next round! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Taken on November 6, 2004