Thurgood Garden Lights 2016 (Process)
"Relics from the Future" A group of three solar powered garden lights created for the Thurgoods of Chico, CA by Rusty Vine Studio 2016.

I'm really excited about the aesthetic and construction ideas I developed for these pieces. I’m calling them “Relics from the Future.” To me, they look like old lampposts from an otherworldly antique store that deals in time traveling relics, alien artifacts, and antiques from lost, but technologically, advanced civilizations.

I’m currently working in the studio right now on variations of these ideas to create a "Relics from the Future" line of garden, yard, and home lighting similar to these to have for sale in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested in something specific, shoot me a note or stay tuned for more photos of the line as it develops.
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