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Certificate of Authenticity for Brass Model Train Custom Painting & Weathering by Jeff Lemke | by Twin Ports Rail History
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Certificate of Authenticity for Brass Model Train Custom Painting & Weathering by Jeff Lemke

A bunch of people asked about the C.O.A. included with each paint or weathering job so here's exactly what they look like. This one happens to be for the very first model that I painted professionally. Here's a better shot of the model from my 20-pager on painting:


The C.O.A. numbers have steadily risen through the years so models coming out of the paint shop in June will hold numbers beginning in the low 3,500s. (If I printed all of these things I could probably wallpaper my entire office with them.) The whole point in providing a C.O.A. with each paint job is to position the model's real value in the marketplace WITH the applied custom work included. One day, my client (or his family) might sell this model. I always want them to be able to accurately project the full value of each model WITH the applied paint work—when it's time to sell.


Each model that I paint includes one of these C.O.A.s, customized to that particular model including a photo of the actual model, provided in an acrylic frame that will fit inside most display cases. This particular model was resold on eBay Germany in 2016 for about $800 and it still looked this good. I paid less than $175 for it in 1977 and it must have changed hands several times before landing in Germany. Even inexpensive models can hold greater value when painted and weathered nicely, then kept in the best possible condition.


On that note, please be sure to protect all of your models from the "bad foam demon" that sits inside almost every brass model train box. If you're buying or selling on eBay—you should pass along these insights to the people you're buying from BEFORE they ship you the model—so that your models arrive without being DESTROYED in transit. It happens every day, especially when models are sold on eBay by people who have no concept that the foam inside of older model boxes won't protect anything at all.


PLEASE feel free to pass these links along to anyone who should know about these hazards before shipping brass model trains through UPS or USPS. These are very real dangers that are quite literally killing these old models inside the very boxes that were originally intended to protect them. Times have changed, packages are rough-handled now, and if models aren't properly re-packed before shipping then many of them will be destroyed before they reach you or your customer. This is especially true of models bought and sold on eBay as many of those pieces are being sold by family members who don't understand the delicate nature of these models.


I thought everyone reading this today should know about these unfortunate facts. Again, please tell your friends about this problem so that they can help save these models from an early demise caused by rough handling, poor and dangerous packing materials, and a profound lack of understanding of these issues. I hope this helps everyone reading this today.


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Uploaded on May 9, 2017