Wall Of Peace - Moscow

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The Wall of International Peace - Arbat Quarter - Moscow - 2007

The wall consists of scores of tiles painted by Soviet schoolchildren, expressing their hopes for peace and fears for war.
This picture expresses my own hopes for Peace around the world.

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Thanks all of you

Kodak Portra

© Jeff Bauche

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  1. RichLegg 62 months ago

    This photo is being used (most likely without your permission) on this website:


    When the site used my photo and I asked them to remove it, they said that they had the right use it for free. Feel free to contact the person from the offending site who told me that they have the right to freely use "All Rights Reserved" images from Flickr. Here is his contact info:

    Slavik Kaushan - vkaushan@gmail.com

  2. margot93 62 months ago

    Great idea, and I love the colors.

  3. kk7k 60 months ago

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  4. ƒahr 60 months ago

    Great shot and message :)

  5. lkoenig23 60 months ago

    Such a great pic! We included it in a recent blog post:



  6. J.S.W. [deleted] 59 months ago


    Found in a search. (?)

  7. rickleeparmeter 59 months ago

    wow, this is simply fantastic. i wish there was a peace sign blurred on one of the pages in the background. pull it all together, yet amazing shot. :)

  8. dou_ble_you 59 months ago

    the hope rests in human touch...

    Bonjour, je suis l'administrateur du groupe NEW AGE, et nous aimerions beaucoup que vous ajoutiez ceci à notre groupe !

  9. pepsiline 59 months ago

    so great a concept, so beautiful a picture, and in Creative Commons !
    Congrats :)

  10. dsh roses 57 months ago

    Beautiful. I used the photo on my blog at www.debhabr.com on a poem that we are all one in God.

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  12. Meylah 54 months ago

    Hi Jeff,
    We wanted to thank you for sharing your image via creative commons. We used it in a blog post about artists connecting to their local communities. Here's a link: 5 Ways to Become a Local
    Thanks so much & terrific shot!
    Sincerely, Courtney

  13. KeliseT 51 months ago

    Hi, I am an admin for the blog Thoughts of PR Sarkar. I thought your photo was lovely and have used it in a post. We have created a link back to this page and credited the photo to you. Thanks Kelise

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