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  • totally different !! - Bluesrose
  • first...
    –”Hey, Green shoe, do you know why many of the Norwegians are walking in the middle of the road and not by the side?”
    - - maurice flower
  • second...
    –”No, I don’t now, Little red. Why??”
    - - maurice flower
  • third...
    –”Well, you see, they are afraid of the wild flowers at the road side.”
    - - maurice flower
  • fourth...
    –”Oh, Litte red you are so funny! Ha, ha, ha!! So they are afraid of the wild flowers! Ha, ha, ha! You have such a crazy humor, Little red. I am going to tell that story tomorrow to The brown boot, my grumpy old neighbour on the second floor, just to see if I can cheer him up!”
    - - maurice flower
  • They are! How can you tell??
    - - maurice flower
  • Pas assez de lacets....pour les chaussures de la rue Broca (Gripari) - pierre pouliquin
  • Vraiment...entropie...y a pas chaussure a mon pied ici... - pierre pouliquin
  • my kind of shoe :) - nonlinear1
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hεtεromogεnεous ıdıomε rεsılıAnce . .

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Study of the day:

Les qualités et les étendues, les formes et les matières, les espèces et les parties ne sont pas premières ; elles sont emprisonnées dans les individus comme dans des cristaux. Et c’est le monde entier, comme dans une boule de cristal, qui se lit dans la profondeur mouvante des différences [...].

“Qualities and extents, forms and matters, species and parts are not first ; they are imprisoned in the individuals as in crystals. And it is the whole world, as in a crystal ball, which is read in the moving depth of the differences [...]. ”

( Gilles Deleuze - Différence et répétition )


Le virtuel est déploiement de l'Un dans sa différenciation immanente, il faut concevoir toute actualisation comme nouveauté, comme attestation du pouvoir infini de l'Un de s'auto-différencier à la surface de lui-même.

The virtual is the deployment of the One in its immanent differentiation, one must conceive every actualisation as a novelty, as attestation of the infinite power of the One to self-differentiate itself on the surface of itself.

( Alain Badiou - 1997 - Deleuze, la clameur de l'être )

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  1. yushimoto_02 [christian] 88 months ago | reply

    So the Norwegians like to walk on the middle of the road?
    seen at Rhizome SUMMUM

  2. rocalla 87 months ago | reply

    aaah mitico mauro!!!:D

  3. Suzz.com 87 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Shoe Whore, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  4. Sebastián Díaz Musico 87 months ago | reply

    disfrutado en Rhizome SUMMUM
    Muy buena foto idea imagen luz composicion encuadre perspectiva
    onda y un poco mas Gracias

  5. Elin Ivemo 83 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Footwear, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. mitumo 83 months ago | reply

    great composition, very eyecatching!

  7. BeCeeNe 81 months ago | reply

    000658 LOGO Vidres

    To climb up your picture to the mural of VIDRES thank you, would you like to add it to the thread of the competition at present open Vidres ESPECIAL ESTIU-ESPECIAL VERANO-SPECIAL SUMMER-SPÉCIAL ÉTÉ-BESONDERER SOMMER
    www.flickr.com/groups/vidres/discuss/72157606710847904/ ?

    Help us to growing up!

  8. patriziarama 81 months ago | reply

    questa vetrina è sicuramente di uno dei negozi di piazza castello.................quì a torino,mitico scatto.

  9. ~boring~ 79 months ago | reply

    That is very creative and colorful, i love the way the shoes are displayed and the picture is cropped!, are those yours?
    faved :_) ~

  10. AnomalousNYC 77 months ago | reply

    I'd sure love to see this image in my new flickr group A goodbye kiss, you dog.

  11. Aicharl 76 months ago | reply

    Superbe photo et idée
    Et merci pour les déf' ;)

  12. Barbara*Pepe 76 months ago | reply

    ma è la vetrina di Mauro=)

  13. Ana Santos 74 months ago | reply

    Ahh, so many!! xoxo

  14. lali_sweety 74 months ago | reply

    Hi! I really loved your picture! I'd love to make icons of out of it but I thought I should ask for your permission first.
    Here is where I post the things I do: lali-sweety.livejournal.com/

    To give proper credit, I'll posted your picture here: community.livejournal.com/photos_resource/
    It's a members only community so there's a sort of control of who takes the pictures.

  15. Erika.Bee 70 months ago | reply

    So many shoes!♥

  16. ANOODONNA 70 months ago | reply

    Nice shot ...

  17. Athena_pallas 56 months ago | reply

    Je me suis permis d'utiliser cette intéressante photo dans un article que j'ai écrit concernant le rangement des chaussures sur mon blog consacré à l'organisation au bureau et à la maison avec le lien suivant :

    jef safi

    J'espère que c'est OK pour vous.
    Merci et bonne journée.

  18. fi0na 56 months ago | reply

    questa è la vetrina di Mauro a Torino!
    w le scarpe!
    bella bella :)

  19. Doctor Power 44 months ago | reply

    Hi, very nice picture! I used it in my blog and linked back to you. Here's the article: www.horndasch.net/2011/08/auswahlgespraeche-an-hochschule...

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