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étude des 10-proportions de l'esprit humain . . (z¹ / p) | by "φragments pictosophiques"
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étude des 10-proportions de l'esprit humain . . (z¹ / p)

Hres triptych published in

. Y Sin Embargo Magazine 22 - cap it all/off

. Ms Use 3 - Cyber-sex



Outlining a Theory of General Creativity . .

. . on a 'Pataphysical projectory


Entropy ≥ Memory ● Creativity ²



The mecanosphere draws out and actualises configurations which exist amongst an infinity of others in fields of virtuality. Existential machines are at the same level as being in its intrinsic multiplicity. (...) They are to themselves their own material of semiotic expression. Existence, as a deterritorialisation process, is a specific inter-machinic operation which superimposes itself on the promotion of singularised existential intensities. (...) Existence is not dialectical, not representable. It is hardly livable!


(...) The machines of desire, the machines of aesthetic creation, just as scientific machines constantly modify our cosmic frontiers. As such, they hold an eminent place within assemblages of subjectivation, themselves called to relieve our old social machines which are incapable of keeping up the efflorescence of machinic revolutions that shatter our epoch from all sides. Rather than adopting a reticent attitude with respect to the immense machinic revolution sweeping the planet (at the risk of destroying it) or of clinging traditional value systems, pretending to re-establish transcendence, the movement of progress, or if one prefers, the movement of process, will endeavour to reconcile values and machines.


(...) The machinic systems position themselves in a rhizome of interdependence, situating each actual machinic stasis at the conjunction of a passed filiation and a Phylum of future mutations. All value systems - religious, aesthetic, scientific, ecosophical, ... - install themselves at this machinic interface between the required actualised and the virtual possibilist. (...) Thus a double enunciation: finite, territorialised and incorporeal, infinite.


(...) To the sterile opposition between use-value and exchange-value will here be relinquished in favour of an axiological complexion including all machinic modalities of valorisation: the values of desire, aesthetic values, ecological values, economic values, etc. (...) Economic law, like juridical law, must be deducted from the ensemble of Universes of value, for whose collapse it continually strives. Its reconstruction, on the scaterred debris of planned economies and neoliberalism and according to new ethico-political finalities (ecosophy) calls for, in contradistinction, an untiring renewal of the consistency of machinic assemblages of valorisation.


( Félix Guattari - Chaosmosis - 1992 )



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