rhızomıng Mımεsıs.Catharsıs² lınεs . .

1st titled : Sharing Fabio Keiner's dummy lifes among alive dummies !




Outlining a Theory of General Creativity .. on a 'Pataphysical way

Entropy ≥ Mimesis . Catharsis ²


Study of the day:


Sommes-nous marionnette ou marionnettiste ?

Agissons-nous par mimesis ou par catharsis ?

We are puppet or puppeteer ?

We are acting by mimesis or by catharsis ?



Si nous étions exclusivement acteurs, nous jouerions seuls devant une salle vide ; si nous étions exclusivement spectateurs, nous attendrions sans fin devant un rideau fermé. C'est parce que notre vie est cette inflexion mutuelle du jeu et de l'audience, c'est parce qu'il est ce vide médian entre l'être et l'altérité, entre mimesis et catharsis, ce pli (dirait Deleuze), que nous pouvons le concevoir, c'est à dire à la fois l'entre-comprendre et l'entre-apercevoir. Non pas connaître la vérité, mais vivre chacun la nôtre, donner chacun notre "point de vue", et le partager.

C'est parce que ce pli sans cesse se déplie et se replie, poussé par l'énergie vertigineuse de l'entropie, qu'être c'est sans cesse se dé-re-construire ensemble, se dé-re-territorialiser ensemble, pour résister, un court instant, aux errances dévastatrices d'Entropie.


If we were only actors we would play alone for an empty theater. If we were only spectators, we would be waiting endlessly in front of a red but closed curtain. That's because our life is this mutual inflexion of the "playing" and the "audience", that's because it is this median vacuum between the "being" and the "otherness", between "mimesis" and "catharsis" (would say Aristote), this pleat (would say Deleuze), that we can conceive it, at once catch a fleeting glimpse of it, and a fleeting undestanding of it. Not knowing the truth, but saying each one ours, each one our "point of view", and share it with the others.

That's because this pleat incessantly un-folds and re-folds itself, pushed by the dizzying energy of the entropy, that "to be" is incessantly to dis-re-construct together, to dis-re-territorialize oneself together, to resist, a short instant, against the devastating wanderings of Entropy.



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  • Fabio Keiner 9y

    oh, so many thanx!! those ones are excellent in life &strife (obviously quarreling about who's better represented at flickr's:))... you could prepare and sghow an entire play as a series of mannequin stills
  • thiooof 9y

    Beautiful scenery of... life !!
  • Vanessa Lamounier de Assis 9y

    beautiful picture!
  • Elisa Bett 9y

    the head in the marionette's hand is like a mask ... and the look behind shows a sad face.
    real life on a puppet stage! :-)
  • tanita tsunami 8y

    ..to fabio..tonight.
    (this photo really describes what i feel tonight,
    p.s. fabio is the name of my boyfriend :-I

    anyway, a really nice shot :)
  • Giovanni 7y

    how dynamic can these marionettes be?
    there is both stillness and motion in the same square.
    nice job! (as usual)

    RHIZOME wow-win!
  • LetsLetsLets 7y

    RHIZOME scary and wonderful!
  • emilia cavecedo 7y

    to resist... [mmhh]
    every production, under this thought, is real; a 'genuine-artifice' wich is true but not necessarily truthful.
    in that point, there's not resistance.

    RHIZOMING paradox!
  • Jef Safi 7y

    . . to resist Beatrix, yes . . in sense of "to persist" . . as the persistence of a metabolism, the persistence of a "memory organizer" that makes the "being" to remain the "same" . . as "long" as it is recognized by his "self" and his "otherness" at once.
    . . "to reach the truthful Truth with its big T ?", ô no . . it's so useless, rather to dis-re-construct (Derridian) a point of view (Deleuzian) as a musician improvize (Colemanian) !
    . . thanks a lot to thoughtfully comment . . it's the condition of the rhizome performativity, making the differAnce !
    . . ( °.?°) .
  • mariaugusta. 7y

    we are the real actors, even when we are all alone..

    RHIZOME Premium multireflexive, dimensional works !
  • emilia cavecedo 7y

    big T is fiction
    what can be 'true' in its own terms is such 'persistence' of the otherness. be myself in the-other, be the-other in myself
    puppet or puppeteer?
    the 'in-between' lies in ontology

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