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Rhizoming the skin of otherness . .

1st legended : Exploring Lucky Clov's voiceless resilience beyond the fatal embrace !



Outlining a Theory of General Creativity .. on a 'Pataphysical way

Entropy ≥ Memory . Creativity ²


Study of the day:


Is skin the metabolic envelope of the persistence of memory ?

Is skin the performative envelope of the otherness creativity ?

Is skin the envelope of the dis-re-territorializing being ?


Is skin, on its inner side, part of the plane of the metabolism consistency ?

Is skin, on its outer side, part of the plane of the otherness emergence ?

Is skin, on its both sides, part of the vanishing plane of the monad creativity ?


Is skin an envelope at once mirroring and windowing ?

Is skin the only perceptible appearance of the monad, by itself and by the others ?

What's the thickness of appearances, if they all are skins enveloping monads ?




Rhizom-E-xquisite line of nodes


node mimes♪s

. . vegetal rh♪zome representation

. . metaphor of skin look♪ng at tree bark

. . sk♪n as the essence of being

. . skin as the highway of otherness . . ♪

. . ♪sonrio♫


node cat♫arsis

. . re-juncture of sensitivy♫intelligibility disjunction

. . re-junction of inner♫outer disjunction

. . re-junction of subject♫object disjunction

. . re-junction of memory♫creativity disjunction

. . re-junction of window♫mirror disjunction

. . re-junction of serendipity♫performativity disjunction

. . re-junction of being♫otherness disjunction


node comments

. . Skin is not "superficial" at all, as appearances are not "superficial" at all. Misleading, lying, distorting, filtering, blurring, emphasizing, mimesizing, catharsizing, ... but never "superficially", "skinning" always in depth ! It is the deepest plane of emergence of being/otherness, it is the physical boundary of the pleat of being/otherness.


Skin, on its inner side, is the monad envelope. At once, on its outer side, each monad's skin wraps the entire world, sensitively and intelligibly defining its point-of-view. The essence of the being is the otherness, the essence of the monad is the persistence of (its skin) its vanishing plane of consistency♫emergence against Entropy wanderings.




[...] chaque "moi" est un "point de vue" sur le monde, chaque "moi" exprime le "monde entier" de son propre "point de vue" ; au sens où le "monde entier" n’existe pas hors des "points de vue" qui l’expriment. La "ville" n’existe pas hors de l’ensemble des "points de vue" sur la "ville". C’est une belle idée, . . la ville c’est ça, c’est l’ensemble des points de vue sur la ville. [...] Chaque "moi" contient (enveloppe) la totalité du "monde" . . [...] . . pour chacun de ces "moi", Leibniz qui ne se satisfait pas du petit ilot subjectif de la res cogitans de Descartes, crée un concept pour désigner "chaque moi" qui pense la totalité du monde possible. Leibniz l'appelle la "monade". Chaque "monade" exprime (enveloppe) la totalité du monde.


Each "self" is a "point of view" on the world, each "self" expresses the "world" from his own "point of view", in the sense that the "world" doen't exist out of the "points of view" that give it an expression. The "city" doesn't exist outside of all "points of view" on the city. It is a beautiful idea . . the city is all the "points of view" on the city. [...] Every "self" contains (wraps) the entire "World". . [...]. . For each of these "self", Leibniz who don't meet the too small subjective island of the res cogitans of Descartes, creates a concept to designate "each self" who thinks the entire possible world. Leibniz called him the "monad". Each "monad" expresses (wraps) the entire world.


(Gilles Deleuze - Cinéma - cours 41 du 17/05/1983 à PARIS 8)



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