Cycles Bontekoe Super Course
I've sent e-mail to still existing Bontekoe brand in Den Haag to gain some details about this frame receiving flw:
The frame is at least 60 years old, it was built by my grandfather. It's an ovalframe.
Greetings Ger Bontekoe

This frame set is Dutch bike brand Bontekoe in Den Haag. Track frame set built on Reynolds 531 tubes / Nervex lugs, equiped with Cinelli track stem and drop bars, Campagnolo cotter pins bottom bracket and Magistroni headset.
As you can see the frame was completely oxidide, faded and rusted. It took me an entire day to bring it to finish you can see. It's complete Chromo. Frame was kept for years in the attic until the house was due to demolishing so the owner of the house discovered this together with other bicycles.
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