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palm springs v2.0

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an improvement?

a couple of changes, namely, the color of the depot, a repositioning of the woman in pink, a white sky sphere for brightness, a different color definition for the transparent car windshield, annnnnd a slightly wider camera angle. i kinda like this version better.

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  1. gambort 81 months ago | reply

    Think I like this a little better too.

    By the way if you ever want quick props just let me know and I can send you anything I have cadded that fits the request.

  2. nnenn 81 months ago | reply

    Looks good. I'd like to see this without the (depth of field, I presume) blur.

  3. SavaTheAggie 81 months ago | reply

    This looks really good. I know its in the original, but the darkened headlights on the Santa Fe looks a bit... odd. Have you considered angleing the track away from the building slightly to force more perspective?

  4. wagner of the brick 81 months ago | reply

    thanks for the feedback.
    tim, when i say "big props," i meant it in the slang sense, as in "proper respect is due." but i also appreciate whatever literal props you may have to share for rendering, and I might take you up on that. I would love to do a joint project like you just did with peter morris sometime, just for fun. :-)

    Sava, i think that darkening around the headlights is an artifact of reflection of a smoke gray color on yellow with a low max_trace level. in other renders i usually have effects like those turned on, but for this scene I have yet to because of an already lengthy render time. as for angling the track, that's sounds like a dirty trick, but i like it, and that's an easy way to show more of the loco without revealing that it's only a loco. i'll give it a try.

    that's the problem with renders, that I'm never completely satisfied with the results so there's no such thing as a "final version".

  5. julencin2000 80 months ago | reply

    I've seen the original in wich this scene is based, and I have to say this rendering is lovely and beautifully executed. Fantastic.

  6. Asperka 6 months ago | reply


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