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PgN-002 LORIS (front) | by Malcolm Craig
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PgN-002 LORIS (front)

Mid way through the war against the Krill (and coincidentally just after the Combine forces realised the entire war had been started by them under totally false assumptions about the nature of the Krill 'threat'), the ageing MgN-series frames started to be replaced by more up to date models.


In particularly urgent need of replacement were the space-capable 'Blue Stone' MgNs. Their successor was the PgN-002 LORIS, a significantly more modern and powerful design of frame. Unlike their predecessors, the LORIS series could operate in vacuum and gas environments, mainly by dint of their multi-mode SCRAMrocket thrusters.


After a year or so, nobody really missed the old MgNs. In fact, most people were glad to see the back of them.


As I am wont to do, Greg posts something cool and I immediately hasten to rip it off. In this case, his excellent updated Meerkat frame. Chapeau to you, Greg. Finally making more careful use of the MFZ sticker set. It's only after posting the photo that I really notice how the 'moody' lighting makes the orange highlights in the core of the frame invisible. Oh well.

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Taken on April 24, 2014