debris field distances
These interpretations are my opinion of where various objects were found post-mortem and tagged, photographed and labeled as such.

Lacking a fully diagramed map, we can only make estimations based on the photos that are in the public realm. Notations are my own and subject to revision but represent my best efforts to date.

ONE honda keys w small flashlight that was on

TWO tan bag (7Eleven color) - found on sidewalk

THREE white bag (w blood?)

FOUR first aid kid

FIVE black flashlight in grass

SEVEN TMs Cell phone

EIGHT Iced tea can

SIX is the body's aprox location but more likely the shell casing itself, looking like it was marked as 8, but 8 was the beverage can, which fell out of TM's hoodie as he was being attended to and was noted as such on a report. Near the yellow numbered triangle placard is a small yellow pointer 3-5 inches long, best seen in the inverted color "negative" shot. This small pointer is 6, the shell casing.
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