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Taaffe's idea of where GZ was parked, facing west on Twin Trees Lane.

Frank Taffe claims GZ parked here. How he comes to think this is unknown, but he seems to claim this is where "according to George" (his words) that TM walked in a complete circle around his vehicle. All of this seems improbable to me.


Note the trees obscuring any good view of the mailbox area in the far distance. Did GZ more likely start his phone call nearer the mailboxes and then drive behind TM after saying "these axxholes always get away?"


If he began his call here, how might he know that TM came in from the northwest, or was ever "looking at the buildings?"


Is this the distance at which TM felt the person was "profiling" him from? Is this where the car was that TM felt his best option was to walk past it? He had other options. If the car was here why not go down RVC or behind the townhouses on his right?


Also note the reporter is taller than Frank, who is said to be six foot tall. Their heights help establish the length of the sidewalk blocks in other photos.

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Uploaded on May 17, 2012