Painted Dream

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    It is always a strange sensation to wake up from a dream feeling nostalgic, especially when you find it difficult to remember a single detail.

    Why is that? Why do we wake up from dreams feeling a sense of fulfillment when we cannot recall what happened? Is it because somewhere deep in our subconscious we are aware of what happened and that is somehow enough to satisfy our brain? What stops us from consciously remembering? And why?

    I took this photo during a trip to Scotland this summer and somehow, somewhere in my brain, it felt familiar. Like a dream, as if I had been there, in that exact same spot, before. But I hadn't; I had never been to this location before and yet I felt as if I was right where I should be. When I captured this image, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and feel, exactly. When I was editing the photo, I did so without much thought, I just kind of went through the actions and somehow knew when it was finished.

    It was as if my subconscious was leading me, directing me the entire time. But, why?

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