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    (This was drawn with a ballpoint pen on paper while I was in jail in San Francisco, California in 1985. I was very high on LSD and hashish at the time I drew this doodle...)


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    (Tripping in jail was FASCINATING! And they served me meals for free! [Not that I ate much...] And there were guards who were said to be able to protect me if necessary! For once in my life I was not afraid I would get arrested and put in jail...LOL...My associates had sent me a paperback book that had been soaked with much LSD. None of my cellmates knew that I was high, they just thought I was crazy...I was laughing a lot!! My laughter protected me--the genuine "bad guys" were scared of me because they perceived me as being VERY unpredictable...I would look at the bars, and blink my eyes, and then I would change the position of my head and look at the bars again and blink again...I was able to construct extraordinarily beautiful geometric designs from the lingering afterimages of the bars...)

    Later, when I was in a federal prison, the head guard called me into his office and said "where are you from?" I replied "Berkeley". The guard then said "too bad--I am going to make your life A LIVING HELL!!" (It turned out that several years before, the guard had been dosed with LSD by inmates who had put so much of the substance in his coffee that the guard later had to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.) And indeed, for many, many long months, the guard tortured me relentlessly. My life became a hideous nightmare of pain, both physical and mental. To make a very long story short, one day I reached the breaking point. I no longer could bear the weight of the cruelty of the guard and the burden of my intense anger and resentment at how I was being treated. I came to realize the only way I could survive was to GENUINELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE the guard. I opened my heart, for real, and let the true compassion I knew was there flow into my being, head-to-toe. WOW!!!!!!! What an amazing sensation I experienced!!! Like a gigantic weight had been lifted from my shoulders!!! I looked down at the floor thinking I had actually left the ground and was floating!!! (The rest of the time I was in the prison my life was filled with [relative] happiness. I actually blew the mind of the guard with my new attitude, and he seemed to become a considerably happier person, much to the benefit of all the inmates.)

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    1. jdyf333 82 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, Melissa!! :-)

    2. glitter lannon 81 months ago | reply

      THis iS GREATT! glad you kept it all these years
      :) !!

    3. jdyf333 81 months ago | reply


      In court (& high on LSD)

      doodle made on LSD in jail

    4. jdyf333 81 months ago | reply

      Much thanks, Grace!!

    5. Edu Horta 81 months ago | reply

      Beautiful work!!

    6. jdyf333 81 months ago | reply

      Very much thanks to you, Edu Horta!! (I advise everyone to view Edu Horta's truly WONDERFUL art!!!!!! So fine!!!!!!)

    7. helua333 † 80 months ago | reply

      Great composition !

    8. jdyf333 79 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, Ilse!! And big thanks to Kiritann, also!!

    9. salbug00 78 months ago | reply

      Amazing that you even remembered to save it, considering the altered state of things! Nice work!

    10. jdyf333 78 months ago | reply

      Thanks, salbug00! (Well...I HAD to save is illegal to litter, even in

    11. jdyf333 68 months ago | reply

      It was! (It was extremely difficult not to laugh at the guards as they stared at me while I drew...)

    12. 46 months ago | reply

      Liked it a lot…: -)

    13. Song_sing 46 months ago | reply

      Awesome abstract doodles!

    14. jdyf333 46 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Janna! And thank you, Linda!

    15. Moinet Reynolds 25 months ago | reply

      rally loving these ones, have somethn special to em

    16. jdyf333 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, Moinet!!

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