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    (2 drawing were made with pen on paper, then scanned into a laptop. Each drawing was then altered using ArcSoft PhotoImpressions software and uploaded to Flickr. Then, using an iPhone, I photographed each drawing from the laptop screen and combined the 2 images using the "Layers" app.)

    A randomly-edited selection of approximately 600 of my pictures may be viewed by clicking on the link below:

    Please click here to read my bizarre "Curriculum Vitae":

    And my "profile" page may be viewed by clicking on this link:

    My telephone number is: 510-260-9695

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    1. dou_ble_you 58 months ago | reply

      are you communicating with Them? ;)

      Enjoyed at

      NEW AGE

    2. jdyf333 58 months ago | reply

      I AM them...:-)

    3. ramakan 58 months ago | reply

      Why is this image not in focus...?..or is this the way you wanted it to be..??

    4. jdyf333 58 months ago | reply

      Low-resolution image made with an old iPhone camera. But I like it this way...

    5. greentea flute 56 months ago | reply

      wow, reminiscent ...............

      btw, I saw a comment you made on Marlene's stream about loving your enemies, and it touched me, thanks

    6. jdyf333 56 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, greentea flute!! It was wonderful reading your "profile" page. I was moved by your eloquent expression of the truth! I wish other people would say more about their lives in their "profile"...

    7. greentea flute 56 months ago | reply

      thanks for the compliment, I just read your profile, and found myself nodding in ascent and almost laughing out loud, well done, quite literary, and I enjoyed your references to Picasso, with whom I have a special relationship, more than once over ....

      I think you have at least rubbed shoulders with several people I knew once quite well, we may have even run into each other ourselves at the art museum there or at that coffee place, that cafeteria?

      vis a vis art and freeing the imagination, and your views of TV and movies, you may want to recall that our dear patron saint Walt Disney had a vacation home in the Mescalito region of Mexico, and would entertain his artists down there for days at a time, from which, some say, come the drama and fluidity of many of the old cartoon films, particularly the original version, now edited-down, I heard, of "Fantasia," ...... 'course that was back then ......

      .. . are you really homeless? that concept scares me a lot, though I have recently been shopping for tents myself ........ well, peace, good luck, and "for the journey!"

      this looks very Mayan, did you ever get down there?

    8. jdyf333 56 months ago | reply

      Yes, I did get own there! Life-changing mushroom trip!! WOW!!!!! " (Please see the link to my "Curriculum Vitae" on my "profile" page...) "Fantasia"! Yes! Quite quite psychedelic!! I am in fact very homeless. I am that crazy guy pushing a shopping cart, for real. Many years of homelessness. People spit on me, but I don't really care...I have my art and poetry...they have their TVs and meaningless lives. I VERY VERY VERY STRONGLY ADVISE PEOPLE TO AVOID BEING HOMELESS, HOWEVER!!! It is a DANGEROUS situation to be in these days...Sadly violent alcohol-crazed people abound...yikes!

      ("...wisdom cries out in the streets and no man regards it".

      ---William Shakespeare,
      King Henry IV, Part One, act 1, scene 2)

    9. greentea flute 56 months ago | reply

      well, I have really enjoyed talking to and hearing from you, so don't be a stranger ....

    10. jeff.specks 51 months ago | reply

      great textures

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