Robert Scoble & Shel Israel get 'naked'

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Robert Scoble and Shel Israel clown around for a segment on "Rocketboom."

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  1. Lifesized 119 months ago | reply

    going Naked! daring

  2. auntialias 119 months ago | reply

    Ingoring all that skin (for a moment) and looking at faces, doesn't Robert Scoble look like Robert Redford in this image?

  3. mikeabundo [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    Nice to know I'm ahead of the curve.

  4. smokingcow 119 months ago | reply

    I like flowers and the smell they give off on a hot sunny day!

    Be careful of bees though, not so good!

  5. lomokev 119 months ago | reply

    i have always been a fan of TVR's, beautiful body nice shine

  6. betsymartian 119 months ago | reply

    I prefer the other one, you know, the one you took on my birthday.

  7. Paul Merchant 119 months ago | reply

    And there i thought aardvarks were extinct in Iowa. I know breeding them is illegal in 13 states. Carboniferous meals rule!

  8. Jahbuzz 119 months ago | reply

    Chris, Im outside. Can you throw down the keys please? (see note)

  9. keith vass 119 months ago | reply

    No, I'm sorry -- I guess I wasn't making myself very clear before.

    What I meant was that, overall, I really do like it, quite a bit in fact.

    I hope what I said about the woman's nose didn't cause any offence.

  10. Peter Plumley Walker 119 months ago | reply

    The sharp DOF and interesting POV really bring out the sport in its true glory. It is a breath of fresh air to see cricket to be portrayed in such a dynamic and, dare I say, post-modernesque manner.


  11. key lime pie yumyum 119 months ago | reply

    spaghetti alla parmigiana
    spaghetti alla napoletana
    spaghetti al cartoccio
    spaghetti aglio e olio
    spagehtti alla carbonara
    spaghetti della pina
    And then there was the pitiful, nameless leftover spaghetti carelessly tossed into the fridge. Born in heat, the strands of spaghetti washed down the river of 1971 and vanished. I mourn them all—all the spaghetti of the year 1971.

  12. teotwawki 119 months ago | reply

    Were giraffe's antennae to sprout from your barnacled elbows, one could but weep for the pretense of a fallen chamber pot.

  13. Mandy Ross 119 months ago | reply

    The funny thing about landscape photography is capturing the 3d layout of hills and valleys.

  14. París [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    thats hot...

  15. irina slutsky 118 months ago | reply

    oh my. body waxing! fun for all.

  16. Cody McKibben 92 months ago | reply

    Ugh, I like these guys, but please…keep the clothes on! That's just bad for your Google cacheflow.

  17. jdlasica 92 months ago | reply

    Robert & Shel both agree the clothes-donning was whimsical but also a momentary lapse in judgment. :~)

  18. nwjerseyliz 89 months ago | reply

    I'm absolutely speechless. How were they talked into this? Was alcohol involved?

  19. jdlasica 89 months ago | reply

    Well, shirtless is a long way from naked ... Robert says this shot will haunt them forever. :~)

  20. Sheryl Breuker 75 months ago | reply

    Yeah yeah, too little too late. Or...something like that. I had NEVER seen these pics. How did I miss them? These could be useful one day. :)

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