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    Those following my Duel 365 series may remember my friend Ed. He is the one who generously donated his childhood collection of action figures to me, including many Star Wars figures from the 1970's. All of the toys in this photo were included in his gift to me.

    Ed recently began his own 365 Project. I encourage you to take a look at his stuff and offer words of encouragement to him as he takes his "first step into a larger world."

    *Translation: Go look at Ed Steel's photos right now!

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    1. AmpamukA 59 months ago | reply

      Awesome capture.
      Have a great weekend my friend :D

    2. Ed Steele Photography LLC 59 months ago | reply

      I lack the words to properly express my gratitude. Thank you JD - you are the very best.

    3. JD Hancock 59 months ago | reply

      nick_reck: I'm happy he gave you a laugh. Thanks! ;-)

      ImaJedi.: Thank you!

      AmpamukA: Thanks. You too!

      gary  roberton: I appreciate it. Thank you.

      karamel_ooo: Thanks! ;-)

      Ed Steele: It's the least I can do to reply you for your generous gift.

    4. kellee_g 59 months ago | reply

      Lol... love it :)

    5. Trish Mayo 59 months ago | reply

      As always your set-ups for these shots is amazing. Good luck to Ed on his project

    6. paloetic 59 months ago | reply

      that's such a nice thing to do for a friend!

    7. Anthony.Vitale 59 months ago | reply

      So that's where that wookie went!

    8. willycoolpics. 59 months ago | reply

      Wookies are always popping out everywhere. :p

    9. *~Jo~* 59 months ago | reply


    10. ShellyS 59 months ago | reply

      Fun shot.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    11. JD Hancock 58 months ago | reply

      kellee_g: I'm glad he gave you a laugh. ;-)

      An Old Barbie Doll: Sorry he gave you a scare! ;-)

      Trish Mayo: Oooh, you reminded me that I actually have a setup shot for this photo. I'll try to remember to grab it and post it tomorrow.

      Paloetic: It was my pleasure. ;-)

      Gobble Monster: So it would seem!

      willycoolpics.: Are they? Why am I always the last to know this stuff?! ;-)

      *~Jo~*: Ah, don't worry about him. He's smaller than your hand! ;-)

      ShellyS: Thanks! ;-)

    12. dianabog  58 months ago | reply

      Exactly how chewey would enter the scene!

      Have fun on your adventure Ed.

    13. Ed Steele Photography LLC 58 months ago | reply

      Thank you everyone for your support! It means alot to me.

    14. Limmerick8 58 months ago | reply

      Great image, JD. Wonderful set up.

      Best of Luck Ed. Congrats. You're embarking on what I hope and trust will be a great, enriching, introspective. creative endeavor. I believe you will learn much about many things including yourself along the way.

    15. JD Hancock 58 months ago | reply

      dianabog : Heh. I'm glad you agree! ;-)

      Ed Steele: Chewbacca says he misses you, but he's happy you're doing a 365 project. ;-)

      Limmerick8: Thanks!

    16. *logoutXXI* 58 months ago | reply

      Great homage (Love this shot!!); your friend is such a generous person (and you are extremely lucky, JD! ;D)!

      Keep up the good work, Ed Steele, and I absolutely agree with Limmerick8! =)

    17. JD Hancock 58 months ago | reply

      PowerShadowX: Thanks for your kind words for Ed and me.

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