Thor vs. Superman (49/365)

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Thor: The red-caped Norse god of thunder.

Superman: The red-caped Man of Steel.

If they had to fight, who would win?

#49 in the Duel 365 series.

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  1. Trish Mayo 51 months ago | reply

    Thor - that hammer is super sized

  2. erndb 51 months ago | reply

    I think I'm giving this to Thor simply because Superman is looking at Mjolnir in awe. The distraction means advantage Thor

  3. starlitmemories 51 months ago | reply

    I've gotta give it up for Superman. Man of Steel all the way!! Go Kal-El!!!!

  4. JD Hancock 51 months ago | reply

    This mighty super match-up is too close to call!

    celticsaga & Brantford Selections: The glow is from an LED flashlight held above the figures and shining onto the background.

    Easter egg: I uploaded this duel on a Thursday. Ha! ;-)

    Thank you so much for your support of this series. I appreciate it!

  5. dcbprime 51 months ago | reply

    Toss another vote to Thor.
    The magic thing is too well-established to shrug-off.
    I doubt Superman can even lift mjolnir.

  6. Ruger97 (on temporary visit) 51 months ago | reply

    in the Old Man Logan series (a preview of a post superhero north america), Thor was the last hero to go after battling hundreds of villains.

    For Odin, for Asgard! (and I heard the movie is having difficulties)

  7. south of the metro 51 months ago | reply

    Seen this awesome work at

  8. Decepticreep 50 months ago | reply

    Thor wins due to the aforementioned vulnerability to magic, unless Supes is smart enough to use his superspeed to pummel Thor relentlessly before the Thunder God can figure out what is hapenning. I'm thinking that otherwise, Thor can just use mystical lighting to melt the Man of Steel!

  9. fengschwing 50 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Superman Toys, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  10. JD Hancock 50 months ago | reply

    fengschwing: Thanks for the invitation!

  11. jonnycarnahan 44 months ago | reply

    Great photo! Superman.

  12. riffsyphon1024 23 months ago | reply

    I meant mountains of Asgard. Clearly.

  13. 20 months ago | reply

    Whoever wins, this is a fantastic pic!

  14. actionfigurefury 17 months ago | reply

    Great Photo, I am having a photo contest on my site and I would love if you would come enter. Come stop by and check it out. Action figures and other toys only!

  15. tk911348 11 months ago | reply

    Thor!! He is a God and live for millennium!! Superman only have normal human life.
    May be superman is more popular thasn Thor but God is God!!

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