2018. The Strachur Smiddy
The Strachur Smiddy (smithy, blacksmith's workplace) is a small museum with a craft shop in the heart of the old Clachan of Strachur. The Smiddy has a long history, having been in existence at least since the 1790s. It continued to perform a vital function in the community until it closed in the mid-1950s.

The Smiddy at Strachur is probably unique in two respects. First, for most of its operational life, it was in the hands of the Montgomery family, spanning four generations of village blacksmiths. Second, the contents remained virtually untouched from the day it closed until its restoration as a museum, so that it provides a unique record of the technology of the blacksmith and his craft.

The implements, artefacts and photographs on display give a realistic insight into an important aspect of Scotland's rural history. Open days at the smiddy include demonstrations of the smith's craft.

A visit to the Smiddy Museum at Strachur will fire the imagination of days not so long ago when transport relied on horses and the blacksmith’s forge was at the centre of everyday life.
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