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Mono Lake | by Jill's Junk
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Mono Lake

This spot is right about where I started to smell my brakes burning. Apparently the local residents hired a lawyer to prevent LA from diverting water away from here which they had been doing for years. They are trying to restore the lake and the water level has risen so much that there are only a very few tops of tufas visible now. It’s just another pretty lake now.


They were unable to find the replacement part needed for my brakes. Some piece that a piston goes through was severely scored and chewed up causing my brakes to stick on. They milled, polished and lubed it up and put it back in. A temporary fix but it will have to do until I get to a larger city.


I’ve arrived in Page Arizona and have met up with Mike. We will be doing a very cool houseboat trip on Lake Powell in a few days with his boss, wife and some friends. It’s hotter than hell here but I think I can stand it for a trip like that. We are camped right on the beach at Lake Powell and it’s an amazing sight to wake up to.


My trip to Page was one of the longest drives I’ve done and one of the stupidest things also. I didn’t want to go through Vegas which would have been the better choice. I ended up going #60 to #375 to #93 to get to Mesquite my first day of driving. A solid 8 hours of driving through hours of NOTHING!!! Rarely did I have any signal on my cell phone and I think I only saw a dozen cars in over 4 hours. It was open range so I was constantly having to stop for stupid cattle on the highway. They aren’t the brightest animals! Of course in retrospect, I realized how foolish it was to take that route. If I had further problems, I would have been screwed out there!! I will stick to more populated routes from now on. After hours of seeing nobody, I was just praying I made it to Mesquite safely. The next day was an easy 4 hour drive to Page.


Oh yeah, on my way from the place that looked at my brakes in Bishop to the campground there, a rock flew up from a truck and broke my windshield. This past week or two haven’t been the best. So I am arranging for a place here in Page to install a new windshield. Hopefully they can get it done while I’m on the houseboat.


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Taken on July 27, 2009