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International Space Station passing under Big Dipper

International Space Station passing under the Big Dipper, from Bally, PA. 55 second pass, 44 second exposure. It was fast and sort of wiggled as it was passing under the Big Dipper, and then it just disappeared. The iPhone App Sat Visibility predicted this pass exactly, and you can compare the Sat Visibility information I uploaded.

After thinking about it, I have an idea on why the light looked like is was wiggling back and forth as it passed by: The ISS is big and reflects a lot of sunlight and that is what seemed to make the light look like it was wiggling, it was the reflecting of the sunlight, also the reason it just seemed to disappear right in the middle of the sky; because it reached a point where it was not reflecting the sunlight anymore, but it was still there, we just could not see it anymore.

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Taken on September 19, 2009