Ocean Park Memoir (TtV)
Ocean Park, Maine is my spiritual home. It’s a timeless New England seaside retreat that I began visiting the summer before I was born. I have returned at least one week most years ever since. 2006 marked both my fiftieth summer and the town’s 125th anniversary.

While large in my life and my memory, the town, in reality, occupies a relatively small, one-half square mile footprint on the golden shores of Saco Bay. Victorian-era cottages hug tree-lined sidewalks with their wide screened porches. The atmosphere in town is relaxed and friendly. People greet each other warmly with a welcoming “hello”, whether friend or stranger.

To the west, the town is bordered by a rail line. Prior to the advent of the automobile, the train had a long history of bringing beach-goers to the area. When I cross those tracks into the cool, dark pine grove on Temple Ave I know that I am home. Finally I feel I can breathe again. Peace and tranquility fill my soul with each salty breath. Before entering, I deposit the concerns of my daily adult life on the far side of the tracks. I revert to my boyhood. I still feel, as a little tickle in my tummy, that old excitement of arriving in town and the anticipation of the fun-filled week ahead of sun, sand, and surf.

These memory fragments were captured with my Canon Digital Rebel through the viewfinder (TtV) of a late 1940’s Kodak Duaflex. The Duaflex belongs to my parents who formerly used it to capture their own memories of their young family enjoying OP in the fifties and early sixties. I like the idea of using today's technology to give old technology new relevance, particularly in light of its link to my own past.
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