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D a y | TwohundredFourteen -- " P A R C " | by Jay Morales Photography
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D a y | TwohundredFourteen -- " P A R C "



"Welcome To My World"


Having no technical training in photography proved to be of no hindrance to Parc Cruz, who started learning the craft as a hobby back in 2005. Honing his skills took a lot of trial and error. In the beginning, he spent a lot of time taking photos on a daily basis and tagged along with other photographers to different shoots. It seemed he has tried learning to do it all, and proved to be an effective student of the craft.


His self-taught efforts did bear fruits, as PARC has mastered the use of the camera to its full potentials. And eventually, he found his comfort zone in photography.


Known for his niche --- portraits and cinematic shots --- his photos carry a distinctive and recognizable style, which has inspired other hobbyists to perfect. Folks even associate his name to a photographic style. In the short years since he started photography, PARC has doubtlessly created a legacy.


These days, he's sharing what he knows through a series of workshops conducted with his team of photo hobbyists. The lessons he impart are known as unorthodox, but easy to follow. And students are taught no magic, but to take advantage of the tools of digital photography properly.


PARC is also a privileged part of Nikon's pool of endorsers and has since traveled around the Philippines and abroad, imparting and encouraging other photo hobbyists to develop their creativity through visual images.


"Welcome to my world.”


This would always be what I’d say to those who would take a look at my work. Mixing photography and art opens my world to limitless possibilities. I let my imagination run loose.


I wish to open your eyes to my world and see what I see. It’s a magical, spectacular place. It’s a world reflecting unusual tones and colors, of shadows and light. It’s a union between fantasy and realism. And it’s where a person’s essence is brought out, the best way I see it --- in their eyes.


In my world, not everything is elegantly spotless; not every subject is perfect. But even with their imperfections, it’s still seen as beautiful.


I'm not just a photographer, I'm a storyteller.




Post Process by Master PARC itself

SB900 1/16@ 85mm Triggered by Pocket Wizard II with 1/2 cto gel and 28" Wescott Apollo softbox and 50001B stand camera right

SB900 1/128@ 120mm Remote with Blue gel and Manfrotto 50001B stand camera left bare back

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Taken on November 10, 2011