• This bit is quite excellent. The pattern of Ben10 torso reflects the sectioned blue areas but the overlapping Onua chest armour hides the part's shape, mending it naturally into the leg. - Eero Okkonen

Cahdok and Gahdok

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Bohrok Queens Reimagined

This was a passion project from myself and my good friend Andrew to redesign the Bohrok queen sets from 2002. I built Cahdok (the blue one) and Andrew built Gahdok (the red one). I'm beyond pleased with the end result, and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

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  1. jayfa_mocs 4 months ago | reply

    rockmonster 2000 it's been quite the wait, im glad you think it was worth it!

  2. paddybricksplitter 4 months ago | reply

    The colours, the forms, the photo, it’s all brilliant. Excellent work guys.

  3. <(Chris B)> 4 months ago | reply

    Wtf. Both are insanely goof

  4. paddybricksplitter 4 months ago | reply

    Jayfa You have really inspired me to try out building with the CCBS. Do you have any tips for a noob to the system?

  5. lego.obsessionist 4 months ago | reply

    I am super impressed by how different these two are.

  6. TolerantAxe97 4 months ago | reply

    Very cool! love the tail section on Cahdok

  7. Constraction Deva 4 months ago | reply

    These were masterfully executed. Cahdok is without a doubt your best MOC to date.

  8. jayfa_mocs 4 months ago | reply

    Chris B thanks man, a lot of effort went into this
    Paddy Bricksplitter thats awesome! i think trying to unlearn what parts were originally used for and seeing them as something different plays a big part in it. That and colour blocking
    Lego Obsessionist yeah i really love how andrew took his in a different direction, its a great contrast
    TolerantAxe97 thanks! went through a lot of iterations to get right
    Alex Mertens i dont say this often, but i think i agree with you, thanks ^_^

  9. ZephyrChaos 4 months ago | reply

    You two are crazy <3 I am still jealous of the building bro dynamic haha. Awesome stuff both of you!

  10. jayfa_mocs 4 months ago | reply

    ZephyrChaos thanks man, and yeah, it's great having someone close by to build with

  11. Gatanui 4 months ago | reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic sculpting and very true to the character of the original sets (albeit a significant improvement).

  12. jayfa_mocs 4 months ago | reply

    Gatanui that was the goal! Glad we were able to pull it off :)

  13. jayfa_mocs 4 months ago | reply

    www.giocovisione.com thanks for the feature! It would be awesome if you were able to give credit to luigi1456andrew as well

  14. Andrew JN 3 months ago | reply

    Magnificent! The shaping is so organic. Incredible work!

  15. jayfa_mocs 3 months ago | reply

    Andrew JN thank you! I always strive to make mocs like this as organic looking as possible

  16. Gamma-Raay 3 months ago | reply

    These are unreal guys, this was my favourite set back in the day so it’s really cool to see it reimagined so wonderfully! Its fun to see the individual building differences between the two as well. Top notch building 🔥

  17. Eero Okkonen 3 months ago | reply

    I'm bit late here but this is the best bonkle MOC for a long time, they have excellent vicious and strong look on them.

  18. jayfa_mocs 3 months ago | reply

    Gamma-Raay thanks Mitch, i really loved the sets too. if younger me could see this he'd be going crazy
    Eero Okkonen that's some pretty high praise coming from you man, thank you

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